Why is it Difficult to Edit a PDF Directly?

There is no argument regarding the fact whether we can edit a PDF document or not, PDF files can not be directly edited, because they are not meant to get edited!

However, there are a few options available to edit a PDF directly, but none of them actually works perfectly. Here, we will get to know about the reason behind this limitation of PDF files and how we can easily deal with it.

Editing Directly Requires Desktop Software

It is not false that, if you want to edit a PDF directly then you can do it using desktop software. Yet it is not that easy, desktop software can only edit a PDF file with the help of a compatible browser, and sadly it is not available on most computers. We may get it in the future, but as of now, it is not possible to edit it directly.

Drawbacks With Desktop Software

Even if you manage to get desktop software to make edits to a PDF file, then also it is possible to say that you won’t be able to completely edit it the way you can edit with an online editor tool. An online PDF editor changes the document file format from PDF to Word and enables the users to edit the way they wish to.

Desktop software places all objects of a PDF file onto a single layer, or in simple terms ‘flattens’ the PDF files. In this way, it allows the users to make only minor changes to the PDF files. One more frustrating thing in editing a PDF through desktop software is that while editing some elements of the PDF file, unknowingly you may alter other elements as well.

The problems connected to editing a PDF using desktop software do not end here only, you will have to face these three drawbacks as well:

  • Expensive: Buying desktop software just to edit a PDF is of course not a good idea, their plans are usually quite expensive for a normal user or student.
  • Bugs: Desktop software will come with bugs because they are not perfect to perform their function, as they don’t have a compatible browser.
  • Complex: The most prominent reason is that using desktop software can prove to be very difficult to use and perform the function.

Hence, desktop software for editing PDF files is not the right option, then what to do? How to edit PDF files quickly?

Editing a PDF file is not a difficult task if you are editing with a PDF editor tool. Let’s discuss it briefly.

How Do Online PDF Editors Edit a PDF?

As we discussed above, the PDF editor tool can help you in editing a PDF document, PDF tool just makes a virtual print of a document and converts it into Word format. After this process, you can easily edit the documents the way you wish, effortlessly and without wasting your time.

Besides the above-mentioned point, you can also use that tool for reading, making small changes, merging PDFs, and more. Hopefully, you are now well aware of the reason why you can’t edit a PDF directly.

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