who are quite suitable for acne cleansing gel

Acne problems are not only ‘acne’ issues, but also the most annoying problem especially for people with sensitive skin. easily irritated and sensitive to even the slightest stimulus Acne can also come to say hi. Therefore, taking care of the skin of people with acne must pay special attention. Especially the issue of cleaning until the selection of facial cleansing products that should be used. ‘Acne Facial Cleansing Gel’ especially which is suitable for the skin type of people with acne prone skin. To take better care of skin problems But why do people with acne use gel cleansers instead of other types of facial cleansers? Come and find out the answers and reasons here.

not a problem anymore If you use a foaming cleanser Because we know every woman’s heart in taking care of her face.

why do people have acne Therefore, use a cleansing gel to reduce acne.

Most people with acne are moderate to severe. or have a lot of clogged acne and inflammatory acne Acne creams are often used along with prescription acne medications. One of the mechanisms of acne medication is to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. This causes the problem of dry, flaky, red, itchy skin. Moreover, during the day, the skin is often greasy from excess oil produced to compensate for the moisture of the dry skin than usual. This makes the skin at this stage susceptible to irritation and may be prone to redundant acne.

However, facial cleansing products are available in the market. Most of them contain foaming agents. It may also contain alcohol. And perfume is a component, which all these substances are triggers of acne inflammation. and cause skin irritation easily which aggravates the weakened skin It is also left in the pores, becoming the source of new acne. people who are treating acne Or take acne medication, so you should be careful when choosing a special facial cleanser. which must be chosen specially designed for people with acne and does not dry out the skin

Acne face wash gel How is it suitable for acne prone skin?

Cleansing gel is suitable for people who are taking acne medication because of the following 3 reasons.

  1. Gentle on the skin Because it does not contain substances that clean the skin that is harsh on the skin, it does not cause skin irritation and inflammation. Maintains skin balance and does not dry out the skin after washing. In addition, should choose a gel cleanser that is free of alcohol. and perfume as well
  2. help maintain moisture Does not cause the skin to lose moisture The cleansing gel contains a high content of water, which is another good feature of the anti-acne face wash. that helps to soothe the skin to maintain moisture and prevent the loss of water in the skin
  3. Extracts to take care of acne especially with ingredients, extracts and innovations developed specifically for acne care. thus helping to clean Removes dirt and excess oil residue. Gives the skin a deep clean without hurting the facial skin. Ready to help take care of acne disappear faster.

In addition to choosing a gel to reduce acne to clean the face and then. while cleaning the skin We should not place too much emphasis on the weight of our hands. This will stimulate inflammation in the hair follicles and cause acne more easily. In addition, we should avoid the risk factors that cause acne, such as staying up late, sleeping less, stress, as well as reducing the intake of foods high in fat and sugar. to reduce excess fat accumulation in the skin This will have a positive effect on restoring the skin to be healthy until it is completely cured from acne in the long run.

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