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What is SMS marketing with a location component?

Using location-based SMS advertising, customers can receive text promos depending on their location.

Your potential clients’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their location and how you reach out to them. The ideal and most economical way to communicate is via SMS online. To execute location-based SMS advertising, you must therefore devise a clever strategy.

This is a simple yet powerful marketing technique. What is even more astounding is that you don’t have to worry about complicated procedures. Four ways to use text messages for location-based advertising are provided in this article.

inquire about the location of the customer

Use your webpage to gather consumer location information, especially for new mobile customers. This choice will rely on how you advertise your marketing initiatives. For instance, the form might ask prospective customers for their state, city, and zip code. A high level of accuracy is provided by sending text messages to your customers based on specific zip codes. If you are operating offline branding initiatives to attract new customers, you can create QR codes with the help of a free QR code generator for your messaging campaigns to gather client information, including location information.

After gathering location data, you can always create location-specific targets and messages using the segment feature.

Location-Specific Keywords

SMS keywords allow users to get specific marketing text messages. They are mashups of letters or words. You may, for instance, list three keywords for each retail location. If this were the case, you might advise the location-based clients to text the area code to the phone number of your company to receive updates regarding that city. For their promos, the clients in Australia may use AU.

It’s easy to enter keywords. As a result, you might use them to advertise or market your business in various places. For the best results, print the location-specific keyword on your receipts.

Particular Area Codes

You can choose different areas to distribute the SMS based on location; advertisement can be done by using area codes for phone numbers. Anyone with the same area code would theoretically be regarded as residing there. Although it might technically work, this is not the best approach for SMS location-based marketing. For example, some people might move without changing their phone numbers, which could lead to errors and make this inaccurate.

The best way to make this method work is to have an area code covering a large area, such as an entire state or region. You may simply separate the whole part in this manner because interstate movements are unusual.

Workflow Conversions

Several workflow components can be used to monitor the success of your location-based marketing campaigns. Utilising these capabilities makes connecting with your customers straightforward. For instance, you may ask them directly about their location and keep an eye on the posts they respond to the most. You may easily guide potential clients this way into the many streams you use to segment your audiences.

For instance, consider classifying potential clients into groups according to where they reside and work.

You may still get the same information about clients’ locations by asking the same questions.


Your customers will be delighted to share their location with you in order to receive extra value. By implementing SMS online, based on site and based on advertising, you can provide your customers with precisely what they want and where they want it improving your reach.

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