What are the benefits of buying an oil filter?

The car engine is complex machinery that requires proper maintenance regularly. Many people think that if the essential engine parts are working fine and well maintained, then it is all fine. Still, among everything, there is one essential part of your engine that plays a vital role in keeping your car healthy, i.e. car oil filter

When you put fuel in your car, it converts it into energy used to run your car. It is responsible for moving various types of machinery inside, which requires motor oil to move smoothly. If there is no motor oil, these parts won’t run smoothly and will lead to wear and tear of the parts. In addition, this lubrication process requires an oil filter for smooth operation because the same oil can’t keep the engine running as it will get sludgy and messy, which will work negatively on your engine. 

There are many benefits of using an oil filter for your car, but if you are interested in purchasing a filter, then you must check the following factors before buying any filter:

Micro-size capture efficiency

When buying an oil filter for your car engine, check its micro-size capture efficiency. There is no point in buying a filter that doesn’t capture micro-particles with at least 95% efficiency. A good filter will capture larger than ten microns and let the smaller ones pass through. These features will make your filter last long and keep your engine working smoothly for a long time. 

Dirt holding capacity

Another major factor is the filter’s dirt holding capacity. Many people drive their vehicles on gravel roads and dusty environments, which can lead to dust mixing in the oil. Unfortunately, most filters don’t have an auto indication feature that can tell you if there is a lot of dust trapped in the filter or if there is no scope for dust trapping left in your filter. So, it is essential to check the dust holding capacity of the filter before buying so that you can estimate the service internals beforehand. 

Pressure flow check

Many people using low-capacity oil filters for their cars want to shift to a high-capacity filter but forget to check the pressure flow limits. When the pressure flow of the oil increases, the filter’s bypass valve does not open, which can lead to the pump’s deadheading and filter breakage, which is a rare phenomenon. The most-expected outcome of this will be an unexpected bypass flow which can get all the captured dust particles mixed into the oil. So, before changing your filter, you must check the pressure flow limit. 

Construction material

Before buying your filter, you must consider its construction material. Many brands use cheap and lightweight materials like thin steel, plastic or cardboard, which can not withstand vibration, shock landings, thermal fluctuations, and impacts and won’t last for a long time. So you need to check whether the material will last long and withstand all the extreme situations. 

Cost efficient

Many people avoid buying an oil filter because they think it will be a waste of money, but the truth is you will save a lot of money. You won’t have to spend your money on oil again and again; moreover, you will save money by preventing repair costs.

These points list all the points you must consider before buying a car oil filter for your vehicle. You can find numerous oil filters available online for sale, so select the one that will suit your vehicle. 

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