What are door cards, and what is worth knowing about them?

Door panels are extremely important elements of the entire car. They are called vehicle door inserts, and their main task is to cover the interior parts of a car door. They are responsible for the consistent appearance of the interior and its functionality. The omission of such an important detail would leave Porsche with significant shortcomings. However, car manufacturers made sure that door cards for Porsche became a standard, not an accessory. What is worth knowing about this part of car equipment? What exactly are door cards?

Door cards – what are they?

You can see a door card as soon as you open your car door. Usually, you don’t pay attention to it because the manufacturers care about the consistent interior design of the vehicle. The car door panel is an entire structure that includes armrests, switches, speakers, and controls such as a windshield. The main task of door cards is to provide the driver with functionality and influence the ergonomics of the vehicle, although the aesthetic values ​​should not be diminished.

Materials door cards are made of

As mentioned above, the door panels are designed to match the entire interior design. They should not be of a different color to the rest of the interior, nor should they differ in quality from the rest of the car. It would be hard to imagine that door cards for Porsche were either underdeveloped or made of worse plastic. However, let’s take a closer look at what materials the door panels are made of.

In the past, cardboard was used to hold layers such as fabric or leather – it was cheap and met the expectations of producers. Today, the most common is plastic which has successfully eliminated cardboard. It can be combined with many decorations, for example, made of vinyl. The material is usually selected for a particular car model – the more exclusive the car is, the more manufacturers want to surprise the car’s future owner.

Can door cards be exchanged?

A car becomes unique when it is tailored to the needs of its owner and modified to their individual preferences. Door cards for Porsche, like other elements, can create a unique look, that’s why they can be replaced if you want. Most car owners want to have a trim vehicle, so sometimes there is a need for car panel replacement as the wear of them becomes visible. In the past, door panels made of cardboard or plastic often broke and metal could rust. Now, the materials used for door panels are durable. There can be many reasons for door card replacement. If such a need arises, it is best to entrust the replacement of door cards to professionals.

Renovation on your own

You can also replace door panels on your own. You can make use of many tutorial videos available on the Internet. They are accurate, but their creators cannot guarantee the effect you want to have. Let’s see what tools you need to carry out the replacing door cards of your car in a garage.

Start by collecting the necessary materials and tools that will make replacing door cards for Porsche much easier. Prepare fabric or vinyl and the appropriate – intended for this purpose glue. You will also need foam, which you should order in a specialty retail store. Some door panels will require a complete replacement with the selected material for the sake of their high rate of wear and tear.

Isn’t it better to devote time to other, more interesting activities and let the professionals do their job? Porsche requires specialists who know exactly what they should do to keep your car looking like new.

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