Ways to Overcome the Online Class Problems 

With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, cost effectiveness, and several other benefits offered, online courses are increasing rapidly. Online educators search for the best platform for selling online courses and growing in their profession.  

To sell online courses effectively, providing students with proper academic services and learning experience plays a big role. However, in developing an effective online learning class environment, teachers face some problems. Let us discuss some of the major problems faced by the teachers and effective solutions to overcome them. 

Problems in online classes and ways to overcome 

Problem 1: Lack of motivation among students 

For effective teaching and learning, having motivated students in the classroom is very important. When students feel isolated or are not able to understand the course subjects, they feel demotivated. This reduces their interest in learning too. To make online learners enthusiastic and motivated, teachers can do the following: 


Set a reward system: to keep students motivated and more involved in learning, setting a reward system helps. You can ask your students to complete a particular task. After they meet the target, give them rewards like certificates, best class student batch, etc. This makes students achieve the set learning targets with more zeal and passion. 

Teach to the point, in smaller portions: overdoing and not sticking to the syllabus can make students face understanding issues, and they feel lagging and less capable. Teachers must avoid doing this. Teach only how much is included in the lectures. Don’t overdeliver the lectures. 

Problem 2: how to make students more interactive 

While searching for the best platform to sell courses online, you should plan well how to provide students with an effective learning experience. To do so, having students interact in the online live classes is very important. With some active speakers, many students are introverts, who find it difficult to interact via screens. To overcome this problem teachers should do the following: 


Use multimedia tools to teach: to make students interact in the classes, providing them with a proper academic understanding is important. Only textbook material is quite boring and less engaging for students. Therefore teachers must use technology to teach. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more to teach. With the help of visualization, classes become much more understandable, fun, and interesting. 

Allow doubt resolution: a mind full of doubts, will not be able to relate to the class discussions. Therefore all online educators must ensure proper doubt resolution. After completing teaching a topic, allow students to ask doubts. You can tell them to press the hand raise option and get doubts cleared one by one. Give them detailed answers in the chat box too. 

Conduct participatory activities: another way to make students interactive and more involved in the classes is by conducting participatory activities. Some of the examples are group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, debates, and more. This will surely make students more vocal and interactive in the online classes. 

Problem 3: how to maintain discipline in online classes 

For making online course classes successful, ensuring discipline is important. As students learn from their preferred places, they can cause disturbances in the class environment. To make all your students equally accountable and disciplined let us have a few tips.


Set rules: setting rules and principles for online classes is important to make students disciplined. So plan well, form a code of conduct and on the first day of the course itself, explain to students well how they are expected to behave and act socially as well as academically. 

Practice what you preach: what you want your students to follow, first practice and possess the same. For example, if you want your students to be punctual and regular, you should also start the live classes at the given time. Respect your students, listen to them, and come to the classes well prepared, to make your students learn the same. 


With the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. Developing an effective online learning environment brings along a lot of issues and combating them is not that easy. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, online course creators can follow the major problems and conduct quality online live classes for students. 

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