Using executive search software for easier passive candidate sourcing

For head-hunters, passive executive candidate sourcing is one of the fundamental tasks when it comes to executive search. This is a tough job. Senior executives are not easy to reach. Client companies have high expectations. Thus, using an executive recruitment software platform really supports a more efficient and enhanced method of talent sourcing and acts as a great passive candidate sourcing software. Having an AI for executive search makes the workflow easier and more structured.

The executive search CRM is a tool that head-hunters can rely on to expand their candidate pool and maintain a healthy talent pipeline.

The value of passive executive candidates

There are always two types of candidates in recruitment – the active candidate and the passive candidate. The first type is the job seeker, who is enthusiastically looking for employment that fits their qualifications. They are engaged in the jobhunting process, taking the steps to actively seek new roles and communicate with sources who can assist in this endeavour.

Professionals who are happy in their current position are the second type. They are not at all engaged in the labour market. These are passive candidates because while they are not active in the jobs market, they still make a great potential contender for the role.

As a result, head-hunters must approach these passive executive candidates first before trying to hire them.

The fundamentals of passive executive candidate sourcing include recruiters making the effort to source, identify and approach talented senior executives. This is how the talent pool is increased. These executives typically have crucial positions in their workplace and are highly competent and skilled. Senior executives could frequently stay with one organization for a long period for this reason as well. It is challenging for head-hunters to locate them because they do not frequently change positions in the labour market. It is therefore quite advantageous to use executive search software for applicant sourcing.

Passive candidate sourcing quickly is crucial

It is a given that intense competition exists in hiring. The best talent is in high demand. Due to a range of variables, the executive search can be more difficult.

There are fewer senior executives and C-suite executives than their more junior counterparts. Executives typically stay in one position for at least a few years and have a lower propensity to change jobs. It’s also vital to remember that senior executive jobs and C-suite positions are not as common.

Head-hunters must therefore be prepared for this type of hiring environment. Being ready in this situation entails having a strong network and connections to client organizations, which gives the search firm the task of locating qualified executive candidates. In a few weeks, it also entails having a good list of senior executives ready for the clients.

The value of finding passive executive candidates more quickly is in its ability to accelerate the hiring process and that’s why one needs a robust candidate sourcing software. It takes time to conduct an executive search – it can take months or even a year to fill a high-level role. It could take longer for candidates than it does from the standpoint of the client. And the competitive aspect of hiring must be kept in mind by search firms. In addition, there is a lack of top talent and rivalry for executive candidates. It is vital to keep the shortlisted candidates interested throughout the hiring process. The sourcing process for executive candidates should be streamlined and improved for the benefit of both the client and the head-hunter.

How to source better executive candidates with executive recruitment software

Social media platforms are necessary for headhunting high-calibre executives who are suitable for the role. Every recruiter uses Bloomberg or LinkedIn Recruiter, among other well-known services, to discover qualified candidates.

A thorough search is necessary to find candidates for passive executive positions. However, there is a catch. Compared to mid-level employees, executives have less free time. Therefore, even though they are present on all the necessary social media platforms and are aware of their relevance, it is likely that they will not actively be using these or keep their information updated. Or they can choose not to respond to the numerous messages they get on these platforms.

Therefore, head-hunters must use a different strategy to detect and approach these talented but passive executives. The traditional recruitment software used for locating junior staff isn’t as effective when passive candidate sourcing for senior executives. Finding a LinkedIn recruiter alternative that helps save the candidate data and keep the communication process streamlined is vital.

And using sophisticated executive recruitment software, which enables more advanced applicant sourcing, is one such technique. These executive recruiting CRM tools allow head-hunters to locate candidates without having to trawl social media manually. This results in significant time savings.

Executives with the necessary credentials and skills may be quickly found using high-tech recruitment platform software solutions, which help keep their public data organized and fresh in the executive search software. That’s why this type of passive candidate sourcing software for headhunters is quite effective and convenient. This allows them to operate more quickly and provide the desired results.

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