Understanding More on Solar Water Heater Installation in Kenya

Solar heaters enable heating of water by the use of direct sun rays using a solar thermal collector which generate hot water for your home.It is mainly used for residential and some industrial applications.

Solar water heaters have a collector and a storage tank that uses the sun thermal energy to heat the water and its size is determined by the temperature of hot water required.

How it works

The electric heating system is activated as the water in the tank falls under a minimum temperature setting thus leading to availability of hot water. The water is mostly preferred for bathing and washing since the supply and demand are better matched.

Without heat exporting pumps the heater provide little or no overheat regulation and utilize little or no freeze protection unless the collectors are freeze tolerated.

Its components

A collector – they collect the radium from the sun, capture and retain heat from it (sun) and use it to heat a liquid.

Flat plate solar – are extensions to a collector in an oven directly facing the sun


Tank- used to store the water for later use.

Controller – this starts the pump when the water is in the collector.

Factors to consider when purchasing

The water source- this helps since one cannot just install the solar yet has nothing to heat. So the first thing to think of is where to get the water and the rest follows.

Price of solar water heater in Kenya may be dependent on the quality, durability, availability as well as the brand of the solar heater. You should go for the one that meets your demand at an affordable price

Temperature/ regulation – it may not perform well in cold areas as in  hot areas.

Type of tank used – look for the best tanks that will serve you for long

Type of functionality – consider the functioning procedure before making up your decision.

Water pressure system

Durability – look for the one that will serve you for long periods.

Climate – it performs poorly during rainy seasons

Installation space – a preferable space is required to suit it performance

The advantages of using it are as follows;

It is cost effective as the solar uses energy from the sun

Save space

It is efficient meaning that no extra use of any external fuels

It is very safe for environment since it reduces carbon foot prints.

Low maintenance cost since it requires just cleaning and it having no moving parts attached to it therefore no breakage caused that would require repair.

Have long life this means that it can stay for many years.

It requires basic fittings making it easier to install.

Helps utilizing free natural resources like sunlight thus saving the electricity cost

Where there are advantages, disadvantages must also be experienced in every situation and they include;

It is not useful during rainy seasons

It only heats during day time

Only heats and cannot be used for lighting

Additional roof for installing the solar may be needed.

It requires direct sunlight to function


This is an amazing way of reducing carbon and other greenhouse emissions hence protect our climate. In addition, there is protection from future fuel shortages and high prices.

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