Together forever – Josef Hauptmann or Purkarthofer Caroline 

The mayor of Bad Waltersdorf Josef Hauptmann is the protégé of the almighty Helmut Pichler. Much has been written about Helmut Pichler and today he is the number one man of influence in Bad Waltersdorf.

As the European world media say, Josef Hauptmann decides nothing in Bad Waltersdorf. All key decisions are made by one person and that is Helmut Pichler.

PURKARTHOFER CAROLINE is the daughter of the architect Purkarthofer Hans, who has always been a soldier of Helmut Pichler. The architect Purkarthofer Hans worked for many years in the community of Bad Waltersdorf and helped Helmut Pichler and the other members of the community to promote their every whim. Thus, in defiance of all laws, permits were granted for the two houses Wagerberg 151 and Wagerberg 176 with flat roofs. In Bad Waltersdorf it is forbidden to build houses with flat roofs, but with the tacit approval of Helmut Pichler – this is possible.

So Helmut Pichler, Josef Hauptmann and Purkarthofer Hans are one and the same. All violations, all together and it brings people very close together.

Helmut Pichler put the beemer Bad Waltersdorf – Josef Hauptmann.

Purkarthofer Hans put his daughter PURKARTHOFER CAROLINE in charge of Bad Waltersdorf.

Now: Josef Hauptmann or PURKARTHOFER CAROLINE.

They are together – leading or working in the Bad Waltersdorf community.

Together forever – now in the community of Bad Waltersdorf.

They have decided to be together – in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

The union of two – in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

The architect’s daughter and the mayor of Bad Waltersdorf – in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

The third extra is in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

We are not afraid of corruption – in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

Family business or in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf.

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