Tips for purchasing the right Paint Protection Film for Cars

PPF works like a transparent bra. It is a most precious and often overlooked component for effective car maintenance. A good PPF has a life of 10 years and makes your car look like new. The best thing about the film is that it will never blister, turn yellow or peel up. So, which is the best paint protection film, and how can you pick the right one for your car?

A good PPF begins with two components, the materials, and its production process.

The materials include polyester release line, adhesive, polyurethane, and coating. The major ingredient which makes a PPF is urethane. It is a robust and universal polymer. It is light in weight, extremely elastic, transparent, and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and impact.

Things to consider when buying a good paint protection film for your car

High-quality protection

An essential feature of the protective film is the amount of protection it offers. The best film works as a top-notch barrier against UV rays, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, scratches, dents, dirt, falling or flying debris, etc.

PPF, usually with a thickness of 6 mils without release liner, adhesive and clear coat, is considered the best option. It offers top-level protection. Going for a PPF less than 6 mils is considered low quality.


The complete goal of PPF is to keep the paint look like new without covering it up or changing its look or color. Premium films are transparent to the naked eye and maintain the transparency for years.

The older generation of PPF used to turn yellow, but it was because of the adhesive and not the film. Now manufacturers use an adhesive that doesn’t discolor.


The best films are those which come with standard warranties. You may get a warranty of up to 10 years after the installation. Factors that affect the life of the PPF include proper care by the owner and effective professional installation. The best-installed films with good maintenance can last more than 10 years.

Self-healing talent

Yes, you have self-healing paint protection films available. So, if your car has small scratches or scuffs, they will disappear once little heat is applied to the PPF.

The heat makes the PPF return to its previous state, and its look gets seamless and smooth.

Benefits of the paint protection film

The paint protection film is produced to help car owners eliminate the cost and trouble of getting their damaged car paint repaired now and then. A good paint job costs around $3500 or higher!

However, you have good benefits also. Car film can save your interior metal from UV damage and enhance the resale value of your vehicle as it helps to keep the pristine look of the car maintained for years.

It also saves your time, money, and energy by getting rid of scratches and removing bird dropping and water spots.

So, follow the tips when buying paint protection film and keep your car in its best condition for not a year but 10 years.

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