This Week’s Top Stories About Belly Button Oils

Belly button oils are a great way to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Confused about how that is possible via your belly button? 

You see, the belly button or your navel area is connected to several veins spread around your body. These veins act as great messengers to the body that help create stimulus responses. This is why when you massage your belly button area with a good quality oil for health benefits, the benefits are absorbed by the veins connected to several body parts. Eventually, your body receives the oil’s qualities and reaps its best perks.

Here are some of this week’s top stories about belly button oils to surprise you. 

1. Healthy Hair Care 

Naina Sutaria from Maharashtra recently told us how her hair had started facing tremendous hair fall problems that seemed unavoidably untreatable. She tried several home remedies, but all in vain. Finally, she stumbled upon Nabhi Sutra’s Healthy Hair Care belly button oil and started massaging it on her navel every night. Soon, she started to notice her hair fall problem had reduced significantly. 

Sutaria was also happy to experience a constant amount of dandruff reduction in her scalp, leaving her hair looking shiny, nourished, and well-treated. 

2. Eye Care 

Hemant Agarwal from Karnataka had been suffering from a severe vision problem. He realised that his vision was deteriorating very fast, and he did not want to be very dependent on glasses for better vision. This made him run for rescue, and his friend recommended he opt for Nabhi Sutra’s Eye Care belly button oil. When he started applying the oil to his navel, he wasn’t sure how far it would help him. However, within a month, he could see his vision getting better. He also noticed a reduction in his dry eyes problem, which made him return to buy another bottle of such navel oils. Every night, Hemant massaged his belly button with three drops of the oil and slept with it on. This helped him receive the mind-boggling results he experienced. 

3. Acne Control 

Kunal Sharma from Jamshedpur had been suffering from severe acne problems for a long time. He experienced much worse breakouts during these Summers and could not sit back without treating it. That is when he came across Nabhi Sutra’s Acne Control belly button oil. Within two months, he experienced a dramatic reduction in his acne, scars, and dark spots. His face looked cleaner than ever. He also realised that his skin tone looked more even. Apart from this, the problems of rashes and itching had also subsided on his face drastically. Now, Kunal returns to buy the product from Nabhi Sutra every year. He is very happy with the results on his skin. 

End Note

These are some of the most relieving health stories we picked up recently. If you also suffer from any of these health problems and want to try out a potential belly button oil to mitigate them, you can count on Nabhi Sutra’s products today.

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