These are the main types of sports betting

The growth of sports betting in Thailand & Columbia in recent years has been magnificent. Since the regularization of the market with Coljuegos, many international betting houses have landed in our country. So, if you want to bet you will have many options to do so, and different types of sports bets that you should know.

In the beginning and for a long time, bookmakers simply worked with the simple type of bet on the result of a sporting event. Suppose the event was a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool. There the game options were the victory of the local, the visitor and the tie. Today, the markets are larger, covering everything that can happen at an event.

In turn, the move from physical houses to online betting houses has also given more gaming possibilities. Today the odds for events are constantly changing, a fact that could not happen before. In this way, bookmakers open up a large number of game possibilities for all sports.

Simple bets and combination bets

The first distinction that we must make between the types of sports bets at SBO is related to the number of selections. On the one hand, we have the classic simple bets, which are offered from the birth of the houses.

These bets consist of making a single selection. And if the selection is a winner, you will collect the prize, and if it is a loser, you will lose the money bet. Of course, you can bet on the classic 1×2, but for this bet, all markets will be available. For example, if you want to bet on how many goals there will be in a soccer match, you can do so.

On the other hand, we find the combined bets. Here the bookmakers give you the option to place a bet with more than one selection. These bets are called both accumulator bets and multiple bets. Here the quotas of the selections are multiplied by each other, achieving a higher dividend.

It is clear that with combined bets you can win more money in a single play. But you should also keep in mind that the chances of the play winning are smaller.

The most common combined bet is to bet on the favourite odds of three different events. But if you want to take a hit with high odds, you can do that too.

Among the types of bets by amount, we must also mention custom bets. These bets are gaining ground in the sports betting industry; although not all bookmakers offer them. Here you can make a play with more than one selection, but with the option of them being from the same event.

Pre-match betting and live betting

If you want to bet on a sporting event, you can do it before or at the same time as it is taking place. This is a big difference between the types of sports betting.

Odds for a sporting event may be available up to weeks before the day of the event. This allows players to bet in advance at odds that are constantly changing over the hours.

But of course, this can be a risk because of the things that can happen until the day of the event. Suppose you bet on a win for Barcelona, ​​but before the match, several players cannot be taken into account. There you will have less chance of winning the bet. Or on the contrary, if that happens to the rival team, it will be good news for you.

Meanwhile, live bets with the course of the event are offered by all bookmakers. Depending on what is happening in the game, the odds will make big jumps. Here your intuition can be decisive to obtain good results

Gambling with Bonus Money vs Gambling with Real Money

When you start playing at SBOBET, you will be offered welcome bonuses. Or also, when you are a regular player at a betting site, you will be offered to reload bonuses.

That is why here we make another distinction between types of sports betting. Those that are made with bonus money and those that are made with 100% user money. When you bet with bonus money, you will only get the net profit of the bet. While the profit with real balance will be total, including the value of the bet.

Different sports to bet on

Bookmakers operating in Colombia offer many sports to bet on. Some bookmakers offer up to 30 different sports. And clearly, each sport has its dynamics, which is why the types of sports betting are different.

The one that is repeated in all sports is the bet on the winner of the event. Whether it’s a 2-player event or a multi-player event like a Formula 1 race. Another particularity is that some sports have the option of a draw and others do not.

Let’s see other types of sports bets for the king sport, soccer, outside of the classic 1×2:

  • Double chance: here you can bet together on two of the three 1×2 options. Here you cover 66% of the options, and only one possible outcome will be negative.
  • Handicap bets: here we can add or remove goals from a team and thus bet on the final result. In the European handicap, you hit or win. While in the Asian handicap the bet can also be partially or null. The handicap is also used in other sports such as tennis, through sets.
  • Over/Under: here we will bet on whether there are fewer or more goals in the match than the indicated amount. We can also use this market concerning cards, fouls or corners.
  • Scorers – This market is very popular. Since it is the only one that promptly refers to a player. You can bet on whether a player scores a goal or not, whether he scores the first or the last, among other options.

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