The Perfect Racing Apparel for Your Sports Car Racing

Have you been racing for a long time? If you are an experienced sports car racer or an enthusiast, you should know that racing apparel is crucial. For instance, a race car fire has a temperature of between 1200 and 1700 degrees. The human body would burn at 180 degrees. 

So, protection is crucial for the survival of the racecar driver. That’s why before you buy your safety equipment, especially your driver’s apparel, you’d need to examine each piece the racecar wears separately. It is necessary to get your equipment from eligible manufacturers and trusted online stores. You can check out Westwood Racing Supplies. If you want to learn more about driver’s safety, keep reading this article.

The Perfect Racing Experience 

Driving outside the cities makes us feel free. It is a bliss that allows us to enjoy the scenery and relax. For the professional sports car driver, driving is much more than getting from point A to point B. It brins up the adrenalin and excitement. Driving means building a personal relationship with the car in all weather conditions – sun, rain, snow. And driving a sports car is even more exciting than usual when there is challenge. Imagine a world where everyone has a sports car. Some people will no doubt not buy into the idea, but there are many benefits to knowing how to drive as a professional.

Another thing that many people, who are not aware, if they haven’t driven a sports car is that a professional race car driver is equipped with much better supplies than  people who drive to work every day. And although they drive slowly, accidents can turn out to be fatal for them. Actually, sports car drivers are sometimes safer in a fast vehicle, racing on the track, than just a regular drive on the highway going to work. Although it sounds like a paradox, here, in this article, we will elaborate why. Let’s take a look at the race car driver’s equipment.

Racecar Driver’s Essentials

Here we will look at the essentials for the driver’s safety equipment. Any racecar driver knows how vital it is to have proper safety equipment and safety racecar wear. Manufacturers today offer the best possible safety equipment for people to provide comfort and confidence while driving. They don’t undervalue any elements of the racecar driver’s suit. So let’s see what the essential elements of the “uniform” are.


It has to be non-combustible. As we mentioned before, you are driving at a very high speed, and the race car fire can be at thousands of degrees. You need to take this into consideration when buying your suit. You would need a four-five layered suit, providing resistance to the flame and maintain its structure. The inner layer of the suit is the final barrier between you and the flames. Keep in mind that two-layer suits, although lighter, will make you less protected.

Shoes and Gloves

Although racing suits are widely available and known as the most vital aspect of the driver’s equipment, shoes and gloves should be just as important. You would need them to have the same quality and same protective attributes as your suit. Imagine if you are caught in a fire and have the perfect suit but the gloves and shoes are not as good quality. You will still get injuries. That’s why choose the best shoes and gloves you can afford.


Helmets are essential when it comes to the racecar driver’s equipment. Your helmet needs to have the latest snell sticker. That means that it is recognized by the industry as a high-performing item, following the latest safety regulations. The helmets can be made of different light materials today like Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, or the more traditional and slightly heavier fiberglass.


Racing underwear plays an important role and also suits as a protective barrier from fire. It can also suite as an insulation, provide more comfort during driving. Balaclavas, for instance are considered as underwear. Balaclava is the mask you put on your face. Keep in mind, you always have to have a spare one because drivers sweat a lot, and it is only natural that the masks get the most moisture, as you have the balaclava beneath the helmet. Socks are also important. You would need to have a spare pair as well. Make sure they are made of breathable high quality fabric that can also withstand the fire.

In Summary… 

Although car racing is a fun and exciting sport, it requires you to consider your safety first. That’s why there are specific brands offering high-quality race car driver’s equipment, entirely focused on saving the driver’s life. Everything, from the socks to the helmet is made with the driver’s protection in mind. At Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find excellent quality sports car racing equipment.

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