Stunning Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Today, we want to show you in this post gift ideas and details for the whole family. Because when it’s for them (for mom, uncle, grandparents, cousins…) it’s not about giving an engagement gift, but a gift with a message, with a heart, with a lot of sentimental value:

To decorate the home

Betting on a personalized detail for the home is always a good idea. Things that you will see every day, that will add value, lots of love, and shy smiles every time you pass by that corner. For example:

  1. Hanger for keychains: A wooden plate to keep the keys organized, in a beautiful and practical way. Personalized with your surnames and with a message that motivates you.
  2. Wooden plaque: A decorative detail for any corner. It is a round wooden plaque (you can choose between a 20 or 30cm size) perforated with your family’s surnames and engraved with the message you want. 
  3. Children’s wooden banner: Can you imagine remembering that moment when everything was revolutionized? It is a personalized poster with the name of the child in white methacrylate and their birth details (date, time, and place). Any parent would love to place this banner with pride and excitement.

Doormat: A personalized doormat with names or surnames. An ideal gift for that cool couple or family to show off with joy and welcome into their home! 

For each family member:

The custom wood keychains with their name and a phrase would be a perfect gift. In addition to giving away something very practical for each one, it will be an element that will unite you as a team, as a family. At Vograce, you will find beautiful custom wood keychain models at an affordable price. 

  1. Leather keychain – A natural leather keychain engraved with the name on the front and the phrase you want on the back. In addition, you can choose the color of the tassel to finish giving it a personal touch. Ideal to give to all the cousins, or to the most special aunts.
  2. Custom Wood Keychains: Natural wooden keychain engraved with the role of each member of the family: dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother… The color of the ribbon can also change depending on who you want to give it to. If you want to be splendid and give key rings to all the members of the family, this keyring is perfect.

To immortalize with an image:

A picture is worth a thousand words but, if you also accompany it with a personalized wooden frame engraved with a beautiful message, you will win the hearts of grandparents, that uncle, that godmother, or that family you love so much. We show you three ways:

  1. Wooden frame: A solid oak photo frame, book type. The personalized cover with the message you want and inside, with the child’s birth date. A very original birthday gift to give to new parents, grandparents, or uncles…
  2. Wooden frame: Landscape frame engraved with the main word and a phrase or message that will be very, very special.
  3. Wooden photo holder magnet: It is a magnet where you can incorporate a 10×10 photograph and a small corsage on the string. A perfect detail for families who love to display images on their fridge, for example.

What do you think of these ideas? Are you one of those who like to surprise your family?

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