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Open Culture is a new organization that provides free content in the form of textbooks, movies, and videos. Founded by Dan Colman, who holds a PhD and MA from Stanford, the nonprofit aims to create a centralized database of intelligent video and audio resources. The website also offers free audiobooks and certificate courses in almost every knowledge domain. Although the organization focuses on education, it does provide high-quality content from diverse sources.

The website hosts free courses on a variety of subjects, from language learning to philosophy. The website offers access to hundreds of free eBooks and audio books. Its courses are also downloadable, which means that you can listen to them on your MP3 player or computer. As an added bonus, the audiobooks are often original works by famous authors. The collection of free audiobooks and movies is also vast, with over 700 titles available.

The website has a diverse range of content, including free audio books, 700-plus movies, and online courses. Its website is updated frequently, with new materials being added on a daily basis. The site is available on Facebook and Twitter. It is a good source of intelligent information and is well-suited for self-education. Even those who don’t have time for college can take advantage of Open Culture’s free cultural media.

Open Culture was founded in 2006 by Franky Abbott, a journalist and Curation and Education Strategist for the National Digital Library of India. Other members of the Open Culture team include Martijn Kleppe, the director of the National Library of the Netherlands, and Ayun Halliday, an actor and illustrator. In addition, the website has regular podcasts, which feature interviews with writers and artists. There are several ways to engage with the community and stay informed.

You can search multiple open repositories at a time with the Creative Commons Search tool. You can also look through eBooks and other resources in the Creative Commons website. The website also features large collections of freely licensed images from 500px, Flickr, and the New York Public Library. In addition to audio and video, Open Culture contains many multimedia content. But note that not all of this material has been thoroughly vetted. So you should be careful in selecting what to use.

Another useful resource for educators is the Marketplace of Ideas. This public radio show highlights some of the best podcasts and video content online. It also contains links to quality YouTube channels. You can find audiobooks and video lessons from the site. It is a good way to keep in touch with current events in your field. You can listen to the archives of the podcasts. If you haven’t subscribed to this radio show yet, you can subscribe here.

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