My First International Trip to Dubai

I am a traveler by heart and I never miss an opportunity to go on a trip whenever I can. But I have always wanted to go on an international trip. So I can experience something totally different from where I come from. Last month my dream finally came true as I traveled to Dubai with thrillophilia. What an amazing city. It is beautiful, luxurious and so full of surprises. Dubai is a place for everyone, whether you like shopping, you would find all your favorite brands here and if you want to bring home a souvenir, you would probably want to buy everything you see. But this ever developing city is so much more than just a shopping center, it is a place packed with wonderful surprises and you would find something joyful at every corner. Finding the right traveling company was hard for me but after reading such great thrillophilia reviews, I decided to give the company a try. And I was as far from disappointed as anyone can be. I found there were multiple amazing packages to choose from. I decided to go with the ‘Cruise and Sightseeing Tour For Five Days in Dubai, flights included’. Like it says in the name, flights were included in the package so that saved me from a lot of hassle. Booking the package meant that all my days were planned and I could just chill and go wherever they took me next. I had such a fun time and I can’t wait to share my wonderful experience here. Because, honestly, those facebook thrillophilia reviews were what helped me choose the right package in the first place. The five day Cruise and Sightseeing included the following major activities:

1. Spending a day at Jumeirah Beach

If nothing else then you must have at least heard the name of Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s fascinating artificial Palm Islands. As intriguing as the concept of an artificial island is, the beach, its white sand and the waves playing in the ocean were a sight of their own. As much as you would love just soaking the sun with the relaxing music of the waves, gearing up for some thrilling water activities is what would make your experience even better. I tried my hand at water skiing, among other things and it was the single most thrilling and refreshing thing I had experienced in quite some time.

2. Witness panoramic view of the city from Burj Khalifa

This tallest building in the world is so famous that everyone knows the name, Burj Khalifa. With thrillophilia, you get to go up to the 124th floor. That is some height. And that is some height with an amazing view. You get to take a clean look at the ever growing, ever evolving city of the Middle East. if heights make you dizzy, maybe think about it, but if you can find your courage, since it is absolutely safe, trust me when I say this, you do not want to skip this. It is a unique experience that would be surprisingly beautiful.

3. Evening fountain show

Every evening after 6pm, the fountain show starts and it keeps on going with thirty minutes of interval. This is not your regular fountain show. Here you get to witness the true beauty of nature. To appreciate how much of an amazing dancer the water is. When the water moves with the beats of the music, playing with the many colorful lights, it captures you in the moment, hypnotizing you with its charm. If you are wondering, “it’s just a fountain show” then you are in for a surprise. Yes, this is a fountain show but it is so much more. It’s an experience.

4. Serenity of the Dhow Cruise

Every evening when the sun goes down and the lights turn on, this city starts to glitter. Luxury becomes even more luxurious and its beauty becomes surreal. And where is a better view to enjoy, than from a cruise? Floating calmly in the serene water, you get a beautiful view of the city from the cruise. The panoramic view of the never ending skyscrapers has a beauty of its own. And the delicious delicacies served on the cruise will fill your heart with joy. Dine in luxury with the lively city as it beams and shines under the night sky.

5. Experiencing the thrilling Desert Safari

The Arabian Desert is vast, never ending land of sand dunes. If you are in Dubai, visiting the desert is a must, otherwise, you would literally be missing out on half of the fun. After reading so many reviews of thrillophilia, I realized that there is no way I can’t miss this wonderful adventure. And oh man, what fun it was. Riding around the sand at that thrilling speed left me cheering joyfully at every twist and turns. My heart was beating super fast and after it was over, soon I was longing for more.

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