Must-Do Things on Your Grad Trip to the Fiji Islands.

So, you’re finally achieving one of life’s greatest milestones – completing graduation! Since you’re about to cross the finish line, you can’t help but think about the exhilarating trip to the Fiji Islands you and your college friends have signed up for. 

Exciting it should be given the fact that the magnificence of those 33 islands cannot be condensed into a singular adjective! Since Fiji schoolies 2023 is right here, even at the doors, this guide will walk you through the must-have experiences and adventures Fiji has to offer. 

Have the Time of Your Life in Fiji with These Activities: 

The military ruler of Fiji proudly believes that Australians love his country, and isn’t he right? But why so? What are some fantastic things Fiji has to offer? Let’s find out. 

1. Oho Caves – Home to the Headhunters.

Your ultimate South Pacific dream trip should begin with understanding the place’s rich history. What better way to do so than the Oho caves! One of the first Fijian settlements, the Oho caves, belongs to the great Navatua tribe. 

And don’t worry, ever since this tribe embraced Christianity, they have given up the practice of headhunting. Ensure you specifically ask about the Oho caves tour for village Tao. 

2. Any Traditional Fijian Village. 

Once you’ve taken a much-needed tour of Fijian history, it’s time to experience the culture first-hand. For that, visit any traditional Fijian village such as the Tuvalu village. You can take part in their Kava ceremony. 

This allows you to spend your day merrymaking, singing, dancing and listening to music. Plus, just a heads up – the Kava concoction is potent so expect your tongue to be numb for hours! 

3. How about Visiting a Traditional Salt Factory?

Salt is a unique ingredient; it takes the absence of it to realise its importance. Make your Fiji schoolies 2023 trip knowledge-packed with a visit to a traditional salt factory. Watch how hard people work to collect salt from tidal pools.

You get a one-on-one glimpse of how water is harvested for salt, how buckets of saltwater are boiled in a hot hut until evaporation, etc. End this exciting trip with food prepared using traditionally extracted salt – an other-worldly dining experience.

4. Visit Fiji and not Explore Secluded Islands? No Way.

Just off the coast of Fiji, numerous islands are waiting to be explored. If the over-crowded beaches of Australia have left you longing for a quiet beach with calm waves crashing against the shore and the vast horizon waiting for your taking, explore some secluded islands. 

From the most popular Mamanuca Islands, you can take a flight for an overnight trip or cruise your way to the nearby islands. There are even snorkelling opportunities to experience the stunning barrier reefs of Fiji. 

5. Botany Lover? Garden of the Sleeping Giant is Your Ideal.

This is slightly offbeat in Fiji, given that snorkelling and scuba-diving in crystal-clear waters are much more commonplace, however, if you’re intrigued by novel plants and flowers. 

From beautiful orchids to an impressive collection of native plants, your eyes will behold marvels they haven’t before. 

It’s a Wrap.

Of course, not on your grad trip! The fun has only begun as you prepare your bucket list for the not-to-miss activities to do in the Fiji islands. Besides those mentioned above, you can go surfing, river rafting, hiking, etc. 

Fiji schoolies 2023 awaits you! Make it a memorable one as you enjoy it alongside college buddies. 


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