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Are you looking for a more stylish and trendy appearance for your medical staff? Just because doctors need to wear a uniform at work, which they often have to change ( a couple of times during the day), doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be confident in their uniform. Many people believe confidence can be overlooked, when focusing on comfort, lightness, and freedom of movement. However, many medical clothing brands today offer both. There are various modern scrubs offered at ScrubBox – you can check it out. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can keep reading this article.

What Makes Scrubs Different From Other Staff Uniforms?

Doctors save lives. That’s why having a doctor who is comfortable in their clothing is vital. The medical staff needs to focus on the tasks they’d need to perform and not be bothered with an itch from a type of fabric or restriction of movement due to inappropriate cut. You could say that other staff uniforms are just as important, but the importance varies for different professions – and, usually, what tilts the scale is “life.” If the uniform is meant to save or protect lives, it is vital to be made of the most appropriate fabric and should be well-designed to allow movement 100%.

Surprisingly, medical clothing in its current form appeared relatively recently – half a century ago. It is still unclear why white was the chosen color for most medical clothes. People widely believe that the white coat represents clean, sterile environment, that medical facilities have. And according to others, white scrub clothing can symbolize purity and humanism.

Doctors today refuse to wear white coats for various reasons, but the color remains a symbol of purity. So it will never leave the medical facilities completely. Some parts of the medical uniform can be white. For instance, a white coat would look more professional and expressive.

Special Clothing for Doctors and Fashion Tendencies

Engineers and designers have a creative and responsible approach to medical clothing development. Times are different now, and medical staff clothing changed too. Modern medical uniforms from ScrubBox are responsive not only to safety requirements but also to fashion trends. For example, scrubs for women don’t include only a straight cut, but a slightly more curvy shape fitting or tight, so the silhouette emphasizes the dignity of the figure and allows a woman to be a woman, even in the workplace.

Medical shirts designed for employees of clinics, hospitals, and beauty centers may have loose-fitting – enough for practical and easy use.

Along with scrubs, there are different medical uniform suits that include pants, shirts, and other accessories. Although it is difficult to imagine – a medical worker – whether a doctor or a nurse – can be dressed in clothes that are not white. Just because doctors work in the medical field, it doesn’t mean they should not be fashionable. For instance, paramedics choose colorful clothes for themselves.

Variants of design and style

There are many medical jumpers: an elegant form-fitting model suitable for female doctors. It is also great for people who require freedom of movement. The lightness of the fabric is proper for massage therapists and physiotherapists. And it is safe and durable – for surgeons. The well-designed and stylish appearance of medical clothing allow medical staff members to have more confidence.

ScrubBox offers a variety of suits and other medical uniform clothing in green, blue, and other colors, but the white color remains one of the medical wear. An elegant and modern look for women can be the medical tunic sweater with contrasting decorative elements. Men’s sweater models have a specific, direct strict silhouette, and women – have elegant lines, achieved by choosing the most aesthetic lines of the cut (tight-fitting or the short version).

Medical clothing models are anatomically designed in such shape as to support free and natural movements. All decorative elements – voluminous pockets, zippers and buttons, aim to create more variety and style to give more confidence for the doctors and other medical staff members. At ScrubBox, various medical clothing ranges – offering a choice of products that best suit each clinic’s profile, expertise, and physician’s work style.

To Sum It Up…

Modern scrubs are more than just comfortable and protective. Their design is made not only to provide freedom of movement but also to give confidence to the medical staff members. A lot of the scrubs come in white or light blue, but today you can see them in various colors and even prints as well. Although “white” is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, it is not the predominant medical uniform color anymore. Of course, it is among the main ones, but many doctors, nurses, and other medical staff members choose more colorful outfits that are still distinguishable. When choosing a scrub uniform from ScrubBox, check out which cut and color will best fit you and your environment.  

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