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If you are a movie buff, then you will love the CiNeMa Club, which was founded in July 2015. This online film society screens one movie a week, emphasizing international and independent films. In addition to the screenings, they also host an editorial feature called “In the Cinema Club of…”, presenting the latest films from filmmakers who have not been widely seen. These members include Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Silva, and Isabelle Huppert.

Each week, Le Cinema Club features a different film, screening for free online to an audience of movie lovers around the world. With a diverse selection of genres, Le CiNeMa Club is a place to find the best films that are not widely available. Moreover, the site also highlights new and emerging talents, which are not always featured on other streaming services. Each of the films is curated to represent the mission of the club, which is to promote the best new and independent cinema.

In the near future, the website will feature new interviews with up-and-coming directors. In addition, it will restart its popular curated lists of recommended films. The first curated list includes the films of Denis Sevigny, Chloé Sevigny, and Wes Anderson. Despite its new focus on streaming, the website is also building a physical presence in the French-speaking world. Its members have filmed films all over the world and have been selected for their distinctive storytelling. They extend the boundaries of genres and are intimate, playful, and personal.

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