Important Factors You Should Take Note When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners, just like other electronics, have their own set of rules when it comes to what to be aware of when buying one. Unfortunately, many Kenyans focus on the basics, leaving out some factors that later haunt them. Below are four commonly ignored aspects when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Buying electronics is always going to be a pickle. There are always things you know and things that will catch you by surprise after you buy the gadget.

Vacuum cleaners are no different as they have their mainstream considerations such as price and longevity. However, there are other essential factors that no one ever considers when buying these devices, and they include the following:

1. Noise

No one ever walks into a store to buy a vacuum cleaning, thinking about all the noise it can make. Yet strangely, after purchasing the vacuum cleaner, you find the same buyer online writing ‘ Very noisy product’ in the review section. Vacuums are well-known for the tremendous amount of noise they can generate. However, there are some somewhat quieter models that have come, thanks to technology, which means that the buyers have the option of looking for the most silent models.

2. Cable Length

When purchasing electronics from a dealer shop, you might have encountered one of those boring salesmen. They spill out a lot of unnecessary details about the configuration of vacuum cleaner, while all you want to hear is the price ( yes, we, the salesmen, are well aware that you never listen).

Among the unnecessary facts that no one ever looks out for in a vacuum cleaner is the length of the vacuum cable. Typically, people assume that cable is just long enough to serve where it is needed, but this, as it is, is just an assumption, and many times it inconveniences the clients, especially those with large rooms to clean.

3. The capacity of the Dirt Bag

Whenever looking for the best vacuum cleaners in Kenya, cable length comes last or, sometimes, never at all.

However, people usually realize just how vital the dirtbag size is when they have to empty the bag more often than not during cleaning. Granted, it is not the first thing that should be in your mind, but it should be a consideration of the things you want from your vacuum, even if it comes last.

4. Filtering Ability of The Vacuum Cleaner

Last but not least, an important consideration that is usually overlooked is the filtering ability of the vacuum. We all understand that a vacuum works by ‘sucking’ in air and other debris and particles. The air that is sucked in has to go out, and if the filter of the vacuum cleaner is of low quality, then there are chances that the particles might go through. This is an crucial consideration, especially for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, to whom small particles may be a health issue.


There is more to be considered when buying vacuum cleaners than just suction force and price. For common household usage, factors like noise, filters, and collection bags are vital factors that one should consider along with the mainstream considerations.

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