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How to properly build lightweight brickwork

In order to build a good house, you must build it to be strong. Let us live in stability, safety and happiness. The important thing in building a house is a good foundation, building it in the right way to make full use of the materials and equipment. Each type of material has a different method of use. Aerated bricks have techniques for using them correctly as well.

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Many people still think that Walls made of lightweight bricks are less strong than other brick walls because they are known to be lightweight and may not be durable. And there is also a belief that the wall is easy to crack as well.

But in fact, walls made of lightweight bricks are not as strong as those of other bricks. but the important thing is Aerated brick masonry with the correct method.

To make aerated masonry, we need Masonry mortar especially for lightweight bricks (sometimes called adhesive mortar) which, if we use a quick-drying general cement mortar, will have poor adhesion strength, causing the finished wall to become weak and the use of a trowel for Aerated brick will allow the mortar to be fully and evenly distributed. make it more adhesion The trowels for lightweight bricks are available in different sizes to suit each thickness of lightweight bricks.

Clean the area to be masonry with water and dust off any dust. Because if the area where we will masonry has dust, it will make the adhesion less. Clearly define the distance between the lines Then stretch the tendon along the specified line to make it easier to masonry.

Apply lightweight brick mortar on the floor first. Then in the leveling, use a general sand mortar to level again. In the leveling, the cement-sand mortar should be placed twice as thick as the desired height so that when laying the bricks, the mortar will be firm, but should not be thicker than 5 cm. easily

In mortar marking, we should use a specific aerated brick lamp according to each size of the aerated brick, which will allow the mortar to be applied evenly. by signage along the bottom of the brick and the part attached to the structure pillar including the structural pillars by placing bricks firmly with both hands

The first row of masonry is considered the most important base. Therefore, the level must be as smooth as possible.

using a hammer Tap to level, don’t rush and measure with a consistent water level. You must not forget to measure horizontally as well.

Then continue to brick the next brick in the same way and so on. by giving the mortar sign in the area where it touches other bricks and the floor

On the first day, the first row of bricks should be laid on all walls. to wait for the leveling cement to harden The next day, a second row was formed. It will make it work continuously, the work is done quickly and the wall is strong. Even if we intend to make the bricks evenly plane However, there is still a slight difference in height. Therefore, we have to use a serrated trowel to level the bricks so that they are evenly plane so that there will be no problems with the brickwork at all joints.

In the masonry, the masonry has to be cut, the bricks are cut to fit the rest of the brick line.

In cutting the lightweight bricks, if cut vertically, they should be cut to a size of not less than 10 cm (if horizontal, they should not be thinner than 5 cm). The upper and lower bricks are not less than 10 cm.

The second row of bricks Should have a rebar or Metal strap on the row of lightweight brick wall that is attached to the columns on both sides. to attach a brick wall to the main structure of the house This prevents and reduces wall cracking when vibrations occur. and expansion and contraction due to temperature

How are you doing with the technique of making lightweight bricks? It’s not as difficult as you think, is it? May be different from other types of masonry But the important thing is the same: knowing how to use the equipment and materials properly. and the important thing is Must do each step intentionally without haste itself.

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