How to Devise a Study Plan to Crack the CAT Exam?

The CAT exam is the Common Admission Test for admission to management programmes. Aspirants studying for the CAT exam should be familiar with the curriculum and paper format.

The secret to success in the CAT exam is concept understanding and consistent practice with good time management. Candidates may also use professional CAT preparation advice to guarantee that their preparation method is efficient and effective. Create a daily calendar for CAT preparation to maintain a structured approach.

About CAT exam

The CAT exam is divided into Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Analysis (QA). It is critical to study all three areas adequately. Begin your study for the CAT exam by selecting the appropriate books and resources. BYJU’S Exam Prep is of great help when it comes to books, study notes, pdfs, mock tests, etc.

The first thing you should know about CAT is that it does not have an extensive curriculum. The most effective way to prepare for it is to practice using authentic CAT papers and high-quality mock examinations.

It would help if you constructed your strategy by allocating proportional time to your strong and weak areas over three months and then act on it. The following is an outline of your three-month CAT study strategy.

Preparation tips for CAT

  • Before taking the mock exams, make sure your concepts are clear.
  • Quantitative Analysis (QA): No doubt, QA is the most challenging portion of the CAT exam to master. Practice QA if you want to achieve your target percentile. The candidate must have an excellent understanding of logic and a theoretical understanding of the problems covered in this part. In contrast to VARC and DILR, this segment is complex and lengthy.
  • Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability (VARC): As the name implies, Verbal ability encompasses vocabulary and grammar abilities. It consists of five paragraphs, each with 3-5 questions. These can come from various sectors such as travel, art, technology, and so on.
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR): This section’s questions represent the CAT exam’s easy points. They are simple to solve, but they take time. So you must keep track of your pace while maintaining precision. You may ace this part by taking logic-based quizzes or playing logic-based activities.

Preparation strategy for CAT

  • Perform a reality check using a mock test, and list your strengths and limitations. Assess your degree of preparedness to determine how much extra effort is required.
  • Know the CAT pattern and become familiar with the test format.
  • Examine all topics in the CAT syllabus since it is critical to study all portions of the curriculum.
  • Collect appropriate study resources such as books, practice tests, past papers, etc.
  • In the second month of preparation, take as many mock tests as feasible. It’s a terrific approach to go over everything you’ve learned so far.
  • Rethink your priorities regarding the number of hours and subjects remaining for CAT 2022.
  • Determine the topics, trends, and patterns based on the prior year’s question papers.
  • Set a timer and attempt to study for hours without interruption.
  • Towards the end of the preparation, dedicate a couple of hours every day to take the mock test and then analyse the result.

The CAT exam is not about memorising formulae but rather about applying them. It’s more of an aptitude exam than anything else. This is not to say that it does not need any preparation.

To obtain your maximum CAT potential, you will need to study for at least three months. You can use the BYJU’S Exam Portal to prepare effectively for the CAT exam.

Furthermore, splitting your CAT preparation period into three or four phases is generally a good idea, beginning with studying essential topics and finishing with frequent rigorous practice through mock examinations.

Use BYJU’s Exam Prep portal to learn about the examination and its preparation strategy. A well-planned approach ensures that you are fully prepared for the exam. If you follow a preparation strategy carefully and maintain a rigorous study regimen, you will constantly increase your CAT score.

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