How To Choose A Cannabis Dispensary?

River North is the best place to buy recreational Cannabis in Chicago. But, have you ever wondered if you can buy it legally from the market? Well, you can. On January 1, 2020, the state made buying Cannabis legal for adults over 21 years. 

There are various dispensaries in River North where you can get Cannabis and its related products for medical and recreational purposes. However, before hopping into your car to reach your destination, you need to find the one that suits your needs. In this article, you will find five tips for choosing a Cannabis dispensary.

  • Quality Vs. Quantity Of Products

Considering the quality and quantity of a Cannabis product is essential, and choosing a dispensary that sells good quality products should be your top priority. Medical patients can purchase 2.5 ounces of Cannabis from a licensed dispensary every 14 days as part of their treatment.

Some dispensaries in River North keep a vast selection of products that allow customers to choose one with the correct potency. However, it isn’t the best option because it reminds you of a candy store. Check if their products are of high quality. Smelling the Cannabis won’t help if the product is unopened, but move on to the next dispensary if you see mold growth.

If you are confused between quality and quantity, always prefer the former as you don’t want to fall ill while using Cannabis products.

  • Location

You can choose a local dispensary to avoid long traveling hours. It is helpful for people who seek Cannabis medications for pain relief. However, if you cannot find a good dispensary in your locality and need to visit a distant one, you can search for their contact number online and ask if they provide a home delivery option. After all, the quality and experience are what matter the most.

  • Reviews

Have a look at the various dispensaries online before visiting physically. To ascertain if a dispensary is good and worth it, read all of the reviews that previous customers have written. It will also help you know about the products they offer. Many reputed websites provide detailed reviews of these dispensaries.

  • Range Of Products

If you require Cannabis only for medical purposes, you might not need a variety of products; however, if you want it for recreational purposes, this tip will surely help you. Nowadays, you can find Cannabis candies, tinctures, gelato, popcorn, butter, cookies, etc. Many people don’t just want to smoke a joint. They want to experience new things, and having different options help them enhance the fun more.

  • Cost

The price is another major factor you should consider when deciding which provider will be right for you. The average cost of 1g of Cannabis in Chicago is $22. However, it varies tremendously, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. In most markets, the cost of Cannabis has been driven down by competition. Nevertheless, while low prices are a great thing, sometimes they can signal things that should be avoided.


Discovering a new Cannabis dispensary is not a chore; it should be an experience. Take your time and do thorough research before buying. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind so that you make the right choice.

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