How Emerging Trends Such as Competitive Intelligence Can Help Your Business Gain Access to Actionable Insights

Business intelligence has changed significantly over the years. Currently, there are numerous ways through which emerging trends will help your business in finding actionable insights, and your brand can grow further in the process.

What is Business Analytics?

The Business Analytics discipline is so exciting because it is client-facing and provides a business with critical insight into its operation. The data collected from the past can be analyzed effectively to predict, shape, and scale-up business vision and objectives. By using data collected from different sources, businesses can get a single view of their entire operations.

The Relation Between Business Analytics and Big Data

Is there a relation between big data and business analytics? Yes, there is. To find accurate results from business analytics and big data, one needs to use a combination of the two. Business analytics on its own can not solve the problem of big data; however, it does help in finding solutions for them. Data collected through business analytics with respect to its operations and other related fields can be gathered as coherent sets of information using big data techniques.

Some of the major emerging trends currently include:

1. Data Security

Different privacy regulations have been implemented. For instance, in the EU, there are GDPR laws. There is the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in the U.S.

Data security mainly focuses on cybersecurity. Companies have indirect ways of securing data, such as encryption and keys, but such strategies are not enough in some cases. Therefore, businesses need to look at their own internal policies and procedures, too, when it comes to securing sensitive data.

2. Data Quality

Data quality has always been an important aspect of data analysis, and the same applies to the emerging trends that are currently in place. The process of data gathering has changed significantly over the years. However, sometimes the information that is received is not up to standard. Providing false or misleading information to an organization can affect its overall performance and marketing decisions; this can have a huge impact on your brand, so it’s important to make sure accuracy is maintained or improved at all times.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a form of machine learning that uses computer hardware and software. It is mainly used for self-learning to use data analysis tools to predict future outcomes. Artificial intelligence is beneficial for businesses and brands when it comes to customer engagement, marketing, and analytics. It’s also useful for self-driving vehicles and healthcare applications.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is where the technology and data are hosted on the internet. Therefore, businesses can access information and other tools wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection; this is particularly useful for businesses today because it means that they don’t need to purchase more technology than they need. They can get all of their tools online and use them whenever they want to. The cloud also provides scalability so that businesses can pay only for the services they need when needed.

5. Data Visualization/ Discovery

Data discovery entails collecting data from both internal and external sources. The data is then made into shapes and forms meant to solve a particular problem; this is mainly used to find trends in the data and search for possible solutions.

There are different data discovery tools your brand can use. Also, there is a need to understand the relationship between visual analysis and data preparation.

6. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is employed in the business world to predict what consumers will do, how they will act, and where they will go. The main thing that businesses want to know is how to improve their services. Therefore, they must know how their customers use them. Predictive analytics can be used to help businesses determine what their customers desire and how the business can improve.


The main focus was on emerging trends. We have listed some of these trends above. It’s important to note that not all of them will work for any brand, regardless of whether it’s a large or small enterprise.

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