How Abogados Grupo Cibeles Can Help You

Abogados Grupo Cibeles consists of several experts in different legal processes and areas of law, meaning that you won’t have to spend too much time figuring out which one suits your needs. Whether you’re involved in a divorce, a real estate deal, or some other type of legal process, this team will protect your interests and get the best results for you. Read on to learn more about how they can help you.


If you have questions about real estate law, the team at Abogados Grupo Cibeles can help you. This law firm specializes in banking matters and has recently offered its services to all Banco Popular shareholders. Banco Popular recently increased its capital after being acquired by Santander and lost its total inversion. The legal team has extensive experience in real estate matters, and can help you navigate the complexities of real estate law.

In addition to being specialized in inmobiliary law, Abogados Grupo Cibeles has extensive experience in this area. You can seek their legal counsel for a variety of issues, including bankruptcies, successions, derecho sucesorio, and other issues related to real estate. For any legal matter related to real estate, you can trust them to give you the best advice and representation.


Abogados Grupo Cibeles are among the best legal firms in the country and they offer a wide range of services in the various branches of law. The multidisciplinary nature of this law firm sets them apart from their counterparts. It is extremely difficult to find excellent lawyers in a single field, but the Cibeles Group can provide you with a comprehensive range of legal services, including real estate and bankruptcy.

Lawyers Almeria

A number of clients entrust the legal needs of their businesses to Lawyers Almeria Abogados Grup Cibeles. These law firms are experienced in advising clients on matters ranging from administrative to real estate matters. The public law teams are well-known for their regulatory knowledge and are often involved in construction contract disputes. These lawyers also regularly advise Compass on its subscription to public contracts with public entities.

The firm’s co-founder and partner Juan Manuel Soriano has won several legal cases over the years. His expertise spans civil law, family law, derecho de familia, and business law. The firm’s lawyers are capable of solving any problem you may have.


The services of a good lawyer can solve any problem you may be experiencing. There are many different areas of law in which a lawyer can help. Abogados Grupo Cibeles also has specialists in land registry and urbanistic law. The firm also specializes in all types of construction, including those that are erected on private property.

Abogados Grupo Cibeles provides clients with a complete package of legal services. They also have a specialty in horizontal and urbanistic property. The firm’s lawyers help consumers regularize all types of construction in the land registry. Finally, they offer comprehensive services in criminal law. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Almeria, Grupo Cibeles can assist you.

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