Factors to consider when buying Cooler Box in Kenya

Several cooler boxes have different designs and cooling techniques for keeping foodstuff cool. The appliances are designed with efficiency and resilience. The box coolers are convenient for traveling and meet long-lasting storage needs. The apparatus is well-shielded to enhance the safety of foodstuff from extreme temperatures.

A cooler box is a moveable ice container or a cloistered box that stores food and drinks to keep them cold. Ice chops usually are kept in a box to keep the contents cool. The cool boxes come in various sizes and come in handy in most streets and car parks. Unique conveyance tracks drop cool boxes at the consumer’s doorsteps.

Image of a Cooler Box

Electric and passive cool boxes are available in the market. However, electric-powered cooler boxes are ideal when consumers have access to electricity. The apparatus is also ideal for carrying food while on holiday.

Factors to consider when buying a Cooler Box


A cooler box for keeping drinks cold in the garden is weighty, but a lighter option with wheels will be better if you’re traveling with it over a short distance.


It is essential to take stock of the number of people. The dimensions of cooler boxes are measured in liters.

Cooler boxes are moveable

They are much more flexible for transporting, often containing straps for moving it over the shoulder or as a backpack.


An ideal cooler box is strong and supports weight once fully packed. An excellent cool box has strong handlebars, straps, and wheels.

Water-resistant abilities

The cooler boxes sometimes leak, and the coating should be watertight.

Prices of Cool Boxes

The prices of cool boxes range from very cheap to pricy appliances. Frequency of use is, therefore, also a crucial factor to consider.

Benefits of Cooler Boxes

Low Priced

The cooler box price in Kenya are affordable, and many consumers access the appliance in the marketplace

Wide range of sizes and colors

Consumers select the sizes of cool boxes they desire. The colors available vary from modest to glowing and attractive ones.

Highly Moveable

A cooler box is moveable; it has lightweight and does not take up much space. Clients travel with cool boxes everywhere at any hour, either while on holiday or driving to their workplace.


The cooler boxes are pretty durable. The appliance keeps food and drinks for long without any loss in their cloistering. The apparatus is not damaged when consumers are in transit.

Disadvantages of a Cooler Box.

When algae contaminate the cooler box, its refrigerating capacity is affected, reducing the efficiency of the equipment. The regular cleaning and maintenance of cool boxes ensures optimal performance and prolongs their service life span.


Do you desire to keep your foodstuff fresh and drinks cold while in transit? The cooler box is the best option for you. Look out for the best brands available in the marketplace today. However, do not compromise quality; look out for the most reliable appliance suppliers in the market today.

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