Easy Ways to Clean Pet Coops

Admit it. Cleaning your pets’ coops is a hassle.

We enjoy raising our pets and feeding them. But when it comes to cleaning, it’s no fun. Cleaning the coops makes pet owners wish the pets could clean after themselves.

If only wishes were horses.

But you cannot neglect the health of your pets. Ignoring the cleaning of the coops will attract insects, bacteria, and germs that can put your flock at risk.

If one bird gets infected with a germ, it can put the entire flock at risk.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you can implement to clean pet coops quickly without much hassle.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Coops

It will take an hour or two to sparkle and shine the coops, but your pets will thank you after the cleaning session.

  • The first step is to remove your chickens from the coop and put them in a temporary enclosure.
  • Next, analyze the situation well. It will help you to understand what you’re up against. While you’re at it, check if any part of the coop requires any repair.
  • Once you understand the task, line up the cleaning supplies. Keep all these things handy: natural cleaners, broom, shovel, rake, boxes, paper towels, cardboards, and water. Use hose pipes as the primary water source.
  • Remove feeders, drinkers, perches, nesting box trays, and other removable things from the coop. Use gloves, a face mask, and an apron to remove dust and dirt from your body.
  • Once you’re done removing the feeders, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Scrape the chicken feces, cobwebs, dust, dirt, and other materials in the coop. Line up the floor with a plastic covering to gather the droppings. When you muck out the dirt and the droppings, they will fall in one place.
  • After all the scraping and mucking, it’s time to turn the hose pipes on. A hose pipe with good pressure can do a fabulous job of cleaning the coops. You can also use a garden pipe with a nozzle.
  • Once the spraying is done, use a natural cleaner with a brush for the floor and the shelves. Remember not to use any chemical cleaner or anything with a harsh smell. You can use vinegar as a neutral cleaner.
  • After the cleaning, check the coop well. If any stubborn dirt is left, try to take it out. At this stage, check for any repair that needs to be done. Rodents and other predators often make holes. Cover and seal them up to keep your pets safe.
  • Once you finish all the steps, let the coop airdry. Line fresh bedding and move your pets back in.


If not monthly, try to clean the pet coops at least once every two months. This will keep your pets healthy and free from any disease.

It is not too difficult to be a responsible pet owner. If you own pets, you need to keep them in good condition. Providing them food is not enough; maintaining their hygiene is also a priority.

You can find some of the best options for the best pet coops online. Whether you like small animals or furry friends like cats and dogs, you’ll find everything you need to raise your pets comfortably.

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