Dry Hands: Causes and Remedies

Individuals who notice hand dryness and skin cracking should consult a dermatologist in Karachi. It can be an indication of a medical condition that requires proper treatment. The specialist will conduct relevant tests to diagnose the illness and provide guidance regarding the most effective and latest treatment plan.

The causes of dry hands include:

  • Weather Conditions: People living in cold areas are more likely to have dry skin. The low humidity areas can affect the skin and cause dryness. Also, individuals who stay indoors with heaters on are at a higher risk of suffering from hand dryness. It reduces the humidity, which leads to dryness and related complications.
  • Use of Harsh Chemicals: Individuals must be aware of the ingredients before purchasing soaps and detergents. The use of harsh chemicals can strip off the moisture and lead to dry hands. People who bathe twice daily with scrubs are at a higher risk of suffering from dry hands, which causes extreme discomfort.
  • Lifestyle: People working in a medical setting require to wash their hands often, which can lead to dryness.
  • Medical Conditions: Individuals with autoimmune diseases such as lupus and diabetes are at a higher risk of suffering from skin dryness due to a lack of blood circulation. Therefore, the patients must prioritize their health and take medications to manage their symptoms and avoid complications such as dry hands. Aldo, individuals with psoriasis and eczema, are at a higher risk of suffering from dry hands.
  • Aging: Elderly people are more likely to notice dryness on their hands as the skin becomes thinner, which reduces the oil production and cannot retain moisture for long.

The remedies that are known to be effective in reducing dryness on the hands include:

  • Keep a Moisturizer in Bag: The lotions and moisturizers help retain and seal the moisture in the skin; hence, individuals with dry hands must apply them multiple times a day. The person must keep a moisturizer in the bag while going out to reduce the chances of skin dryness. The person should buy a lotion that contains lactic acid that helps keep the skin moisturized.
  • Invest in Heavy-Duty Moisturizer: Individuals who notice skin cracking should use heavy-duty moisturizer to avoid bleeding and pain. Aldo, the person must keep their hands clear to avoid infection that may cause further complications. The moisturizer will penetrate the skin and help in healing.
  • Use Gloves: People who wash dishes or have to wash hands multiple times a day should use gloves. It will prevent dryness and related complications.
  • Manage Stress: Individuals who suffer from eczema must have a healthy lifestyle. There is a correlation between stress and eczema. Hence, individuals with eczema who notice skin cracking must take time for themselves. They must maintain a balance between personal and professional life that will help reduce skin problems.
  • Try UV Light Therapy: Individuals with psoriasis are more likely to suffer from hand dryness. Thus, it is best to consult a doctor and try UV light therapy for the skin to heal and prevent further complications.
  • Treat Medical Conditions: Individuals with diabetes, lupus, and skin conditions must prioritize their health and take proper treatment to avoid complications, such as hand dryness.
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly Overnight: One of the effective remedies to prevent hand dryness is to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and wear gloves overnight. It helps the skin heal and prevents further cracking.
  • Use Wet Dressing: Individuals who notice cracking should try wet dressing to help the skin heal. The person must remain vigilant, and after the healing, they must use lotion multiple times a day to prevent the recurrence of the dryness on the hands.

People with dryness problems must consult one of the competent skin specialists in Islamabad. The dermatologist will help the person understand the exact cause of hand dryness. Aldo, the specialist will help the person follow a skincare routine to prevent further complications.

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