Don’t Miss The Second FUT 22 Shapeshifter Mini Release And Objective Rewards

The latest FUT 22 Shapeshifters drop includes a mini release featuring Adama Traore, Can, Thiago Mendes, and Objective rewards representing Delaney and Grandsir.

Sell your FUT coins on U7Buy if you want to boost your income! The FUT 22 Shapeshifter campaign provides a good opportunity to add some cards to the collection. The Shapeshifter items represent some of the most popular footballers. The trick is that they have different positions. This changes the way players put together their teams. The majority of the Shapeshifter cards can be found in packs. Several items from this collection are rewards. If you complete the special SBCs and Objectives, you will earn more Shapeshifters. If you manage to save some FUT 22 coins, don’t forget that you can sell them on U7Buy!

FUT 22 Shapeshifters Mini Release and Reward Items

The Shapeshifter event features two mini releases. Each one has three players. This is the second one. Just like the cards from Team 1 and Team 2, the mini release items are also premium. You can find these three players in Shapeshifter packs.

Adama Traore

Position: Center Forward.

OVR: 95.

Stats: 99 pacing, 94 shooting, 91 passing, 95 dribbling, 50 defending, 93 physical.

Emre Can

Position: Center Back.

OVR: 93.

Stats: 90 pacing, 75 shooting, 84 passing, 87 dribbling, 93 defending, 94 physical.

Thiago Mendes

Position: Right Back.

OVR: 92.

Stats: 96 pacing, 83 shooting, 91 passing, 92 dribbling, 89 defending, 90 physical.

The next two players come from Objectives.

Thomas Delaney

Position: Center Back.

OVR: 91.

Stats: 85 pacing, 81 shooting, 86 passing, 85 dribbling, 92 defending, 91 physical.

To get this card, you will have to complete four tasks. You can choose to complete them in either Squad Battles or Division Rivals. You get a reward for each completed task. Even if you don’t get all four of them, you still grab a prize.

Task 1: Use Defenders to assist four goals.

Prize: Gold pack.

Task 2: Score five goals with Danish players.

Prize: Rare pack with 75+ OVR items.

Task 3: Score a goal from a Cross with Bundesliga players.

Prize: Electrum pack, Summer Swap token.

Task 4: Win eight Squad Battles or Division Rivals games on Professional difficulty or higher with 11 Bundesliga items.

Prize: Electrum Pack.

Samuel Grandsir

Position: Striker.

OVR: 74.

Stats: 92 pacing, 83 shooting, 75 passing, 85 dribbling, 46 defending, 72 physical.

Grandsir’s Shapeshifters card requires players to complete three tasks in Live FUT Friendly mode, Silver Lounge.

Task 1: Win three games.

Task 2: Score eight goals.

Task 3: Assist six goals.

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