Does Newport News Pay for the Surgery You Need After a Workplace Injury?

Sometimes, surgery may be necessary after you sustained an injury at work. Thankfully, workers’ compensation pays for your operation. But can you settle your workers’ comp claim before your surgery? It is in your best interest to work with a skilled Newport News work injury lawyer to maximize the benefits you can get and protect you against settlement tactics used by insurance companies. 

Workers’ Comp for Surgery

Workers’ comp covers surgery that your treating doctor recommends. Under the workers’ comp law of Virginia, employers and their insurance providers must pay for the necessary and reasonable medical care related to the workplace injury of a worker. But you must prove you sustained a work-related injury and that surgical operations are necessary, so you can get such medical benefits. A good attorney can help you with this.

Can Surgery Increase your Claim Settlement?

In general, your workers’ compensation value may increase because surgeries are expensive. But having the operation doesn’t guarantee a higher settlement amount. You should consider having a lawyer guiding you, so you understand your best options to maximize your compensation. In terms of surgical operations, your must prioritize your health. However, you shouldn’t go through a procedure just to increase the value of your claim. 

Can You Settle Your Claim Before Surgery?

You may get a workers’ compensation settlement before you undergo a surgical operation. By settling your claim before surgery, you can negotiate for a bigger settlement amount that includes the expected surgery cost and pick your surgeon and surgery date since you don’t need the insurance company’s authorization for your doctors and procedure date once you get the settlement money. Also, you don’t worry about your claim being denied or pushed for litigation. 

However, settling before the surgery also means paying out-of-pocket for your operation. Also, you may have permanent work restrictions following the surgery. And if you have accepted the settlement, you won’t be able to pursue additional benefits. And the operation can have complications that could cause you more expenses. You won’t be able to seek compensation for these expenses after you have settled your claim. If you are not sure when to settle your workers’ compensation claim, speak with an attorney who specializes in the intricacies of the workers’ comp system in Virginia. They know exactly when to settle your claim and when to pursue litigation. They will protect your best interest and ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries. 

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