Development of cannabis strains

The benefits of crossbreeding are Breeders can create cultivars that meet the needs of growers and patients. Currently, hybrid species are popular in the market. Because several essential substances meet the needs of utilization, such as

1. Hybrid Sativa Dominant ( Hybrid Sativa Dominant)

The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is sought after as a medicinal drug with the same motivating and paranoid properties as the pure Sativa strain. The Sativa dominant strain makes it feel good energetic. and makes you feel cerebral high, perfect for daytime smoking. It also has antidepressant and appetite-stimulating properties. Many benefits can be used as medicine.

2. Hybrid Indica Dominant ( Hybrid Indica Dominant)

Indica-dominant hybrids are considered the best. And it is widely admired for its medical benefits. For example, the Kush strain has several qualities that match the preferences of both growers and patients. Therefore, the vast majority of medical cbd öl are indica hybrids.

3. Indica and Ruderalis hybrids

 This strain has higher levels of cbd öl, making them useful as a sleep aid for those suffering from injuries insomnia. or severe inflammation

At present, there has been progressing in the development of various species. to meet the needs of users as follows

Developing the top 5 highest THC average cannabis strains for 2019

1. Strain Chem BerryD: THC 25-32 %

With up to 32% THC content, Chem BerryD is one of the most effective strains available today. Resulting in the effect of taking a large amount of sedative quickly into the body. It also has a terpene scent, a complex between Fruity and Chemical fuel scents. The advantages of this breed are that it is relatively easy to grow; it only takes ten weeks to flower. It can be planted both in the shade and in the open. Very productive. The tree is not too big. thrive in a variety of climates.

2. Breed Bruce Banner BX2.0: THC 25-30%

This strain has a high THC content of 30%. It is a cross between Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banner#3. Fast-growing, high yielding, takes a typical ten-week of elimination.

3. Hulk berry: THC 27%

It is a vigorous, tall, berry-scented strain with a THC level of approximately 27%, stimulating. enjoy for a long time (if used in the right amount).

4. Original Glue: THC 24-30%

Species in the Glue group, the appearance of sticky rubber. Of fertile stamens in inflorescences Unique to this strain, Original Glue crosses Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb. This variety produces a unique flavor and high THC content of up to 30%.

5. Girl Scout cookies: 25-28% THC

Girl Scout Cookies have a complex fragrance. There are both sweet and fragrant from the fruit. plus the refreshing mint scent that relaxes the body.

Developing cannabis strains with a high CBD average for medical use.

Currently, many countries worldwide allow medicinal use of CBD, including Thailand, which allows patients to use medicinal cannabis. However, this plant cannot be grown legally in Thailand. Cannabis strains that are grown for the primary purpose of treating patients with a variety of diseases are known as “CBD strains.” High in cbd öl but low or similar in THC. Reasons for the push for more medical use of CBD It’s because it has similar therapeutic benefits to THC, but CBD is not as intoxicating as THC, so CBD seems more suitable for medical use. However, some diseases require both CBD and THC to be used concomitantly for treatment, such as cancer, relieving peripheral neuropathy.

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