Data Annotation & Labelling Companies Offering High-End Machine Learning Solutions

Any government entity or a private business organisation that deals in critical products and services, especially in the field of advertising, healthcare, agriculture, defense, security, traffic management, etc, require a robust computer vision model. So, how to go about training and equipping one such machine learning initiative? It is through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled data annotation service that helps a machine identify certain given objects, understand the sentiments and semantics of text, audio and videos. 

The basic idea is to minimize the ‘human intervention’ aspect, when it comes to data labelling, except in few areas where the services of human labellers become quintessential. Here in the UK, one such data annotation company is “Aya Data”, which is based out of London, and provides cutting-edge AI, VR and machine learning solutions. They help boost an organization’s performance, in the area of computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and for training artificial intelligence algorithms. This eventually saves time, effort, manpower and money. In fact, there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data labelling tools & software to create, train and test contents like images, videos, audios & text.

High-End Data Labelling Services for Effectively Training Computer Vision Models

When you hire the services of top-rated and certified data annotation companies, you can be rest assured that the task of labelling raw data would be done in a flawless manner. It is through a variety of techniques like Bounding Boxes, Image Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, LIDAR Annotation, Natural Language Processing, Polygon Annotation, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and so on. It is basically to help a computer precisely identify an object and tag it or read a text and understand the semantics and sentiments associated with it , without any kind of human intervention. Therefore, raw data is used for training a machine learning model of any company. Such advanced techniques like 2D detection & labelling, object identification, categorize image elements, etc. This is mainly required in industries like Robotics, Drone Surveillance, Automotive, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics.

Here, the role played by a data annotation expert is to label all types of unstructured data through various labelling tools, and convert them into meaningful content for training machines. It is perfect for easing the workload of any department that deals in raw data for its day-to-day business operations. So, why not hire a specialist that can easily develop AI training data for your company’s computer vision systems.

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