Common mistakes CELPIP Test takers make

When you study on your own, can you easily spot your mistakes? Obviously, it is not! So now, do you believe you can rectify the mistakes you don’t know? It’s essential to know your mistakes, rectify them on time and avoid making them in exams. Here some common mistakes will be brought to light that CELPIP test takers make even after studying very hard.

Not enough computer practice

CELPIP is a computer-based exam. Does it make sense to increase your speed of writing? No, it doesn’t. Rather work on increasing your typing speed on a computer. There is nothing wrong with using written material and taking printed sample tests. But do not depend on it totally. For the exam, you will be given a computer on which you have to give CELPIP exam. So try giving as many CELPIP test practice as possible to enhance your proficiency in using a keyboard and mouse.

Do not pressurize yourself to walk in someone else’s shoes

Generally, it is heard that you should strictly follow the CELPIP preparation exam plan. But a plan that worked for one also doesn’t need to work for you. Carefully examine the strategy to ensure that it will help you in preparation, and if you feel that it is of no use to you, don’t follow it.

Structure and flow

Often, the test takers do not pay attention to the structure of the sentence in an essay writing in the CELPIP test. You have to show your communicative competence, so it is suggested that you first organize your thoughts properly and then write them down. Write properly structured sentences; each should be connected to the last sentence.

Do not panic when you see a new word

There is nothing strange about getting panicked on seeing a new word. This would be the reaction of any other person. But you have to act differently while taking a test. It is suggested that when you see any unfamiliar word, just don’t panic. This panic will ruin the whole show. You might make mistakes in things that you know. Keep cool and try guessing the meaning by reading it twice or thrice.

Don’t get stuck

CELPIP is 3 hours computer-based exam. One very important tip is – to manage your time properly. The paper might be very easy for you, but you will miss questions if your time management is poor.

Avoid getting stuck with one question. If you feel unable to answer a particular question, just leave it and read the next question. And once you have finished the paper, you can return to the same question.

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