Career Opportunities For PMI-ACP Professionals

In the current professional world, gaining certification can be a game-changer for a person’s career. Numerous certifications are available for several professions. The trend of professionalism has changed, every field of occupation is evolving, and there is a cut-throat competition among the different organizations to become more successful from their rivals. Such competition has stimulated the need for professionals who are not only experienced. But they also have to verify their proficiency by gaining a certification. And this is the new trend to get better placement.

However, when it comes to certification, there are many certifications out there in the market. But only a few of them have a reputation in the market.

In this article, we will consider the PMI-ACP certification, a certification that is accepted globally and possesses a global standard. This certification is available for those Project Managers who have experience in practicing the agile techniques to fulfill their projects. This certification is also suitable for those who aspire to become Agile Project Managers in the future.

Further in the article will revolve around one aspect, and that is the aspect of career opportunities one will get after gaining this certification. The main focus will be on “career opportunities, salary constraints, and job understanding.”

First of all, let us jump straight into the discussion about the job titles that one can get after achieving the PMI-ACP certification.

Jobs one can expect after achieving the PMI-ACP certification

Well, the Project Manager is not the only job that requires the PMI-ACP certification. Several other remarkable jobs also demand this certification, and those are:

  • PMP Scrum Master
  • Agile Trainer
  • Digital Channel Planner
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Deputy Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Agile Project Manager

One can hold these positions in an organization after gaining the PMI-ACP certification.

Now, we know about career opportunities after gaining this certification. Further, we will discuss the other aspects that we mentioned earlier in this article one by one.

The Salary

There are many reasons to achieve this certification, but the most significant reason to achieve this certification is to get a hike in salary. The PMI-ACP certification is indeed an associate-level certification, but it is a game-changer when it comes to expanding the salary constraint. From various salary surveys, it is now clear that a PMI-ACP certified professional earns about 28% more than their non-certified peers. Now, here a dilemma arises about “why the PMI-ACP certified professionals get such hike in salary than the non-certified professionals?”

Well, getting a PMI-ACP certification depends upon many criteria, and some of those are:

  • Hand-in experience of at least two years of working with Agile methodologies;
  • A practical sense to practice the mentioned Agile principles and abide by the Agile protocols;
  • In-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies;
  • Well-furnished Agile skills.

These are some of the competencies that are needed to achieve the PMI-ACP certification. And the PMI-ACP certification validates all these qualities and abilities of the person who achieve this certification. However, this is the reason why the PMI-ACP certified professionals earn significantly more than non-certified professionals.

It helps to magnify the job understanding.

To get this certification, one should thoroughly understand every topic of Agile Methodologies. While preparing for the PMI ACP certification exam, the candidates go through different practical and theoretical training sessions. The candidates also attend virtual classrooms to learn about Agile techniques and tools comprehensively. They will go through a pragmatic program, where they will learn about running projects according to the Agile guidelines. All these practices help these individuals to become professionally intellectual and sound. And this, in turn, magnifies their ability to understand their job and position better than others.

Demands for PMI-ACP certified professionals

Presently almost all the organizations rely upon technologies, and every organization has the IT teams. These IT teams put all their efforts into creating and delivering better services. Now such widespread use of trendy techs has provoked these organizations to use Agile tools and techniques to fulfill their customers’ demands. But they lack the expertise to practice the Agile methods, and they cannot also use Agile tools.

These are the reasons that have intensified the demands for Agile certified professionals, and these professionals have an adequate amount of proficiency to use the Agile tools and carry out any project while obeying the Agile principles.

So this how the PMI-Certification generates better career opportunities for the ones who achieve it.

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