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Pawrenting is a long-term commitment, and every pet parent should try to keep their furry friends healthy and happy. This may entail frequent health checkups, daily activities, and much more to ensure their well-being. You must understand that every pet is unique & has different needs when it comes to grooming and feeding.

Being familiar with pet ownership guidelines is one thing, but being a responsible pet owner is another. Work on these simple habits to keep your furry friends healthy.

  • Exercise

Regular walks, hiking, fetch, and swimming can help keep your pet physically active and fit. But don’t overlook mental stimulation! Basic mental training with obstacles, hiding treats, and practicing new tricks keep your dog or cat interested and engaged. Have a walking routine to expose your pet to new people, sites, and smells.

  • Right Nutrition

Feeding your pet the right amount and type of food helps him/her maintain a healthy weight, which is one of the most effective ways to prevent obesity-related illnesses and extend his/her lifespan. A balanced diet of high-quality food can usually meet your pet’s nutritional needs, but consult with your veterinarian via veterinary online booking to see if he/she requires any special diet. Ensure your pet drinks plenty of fresh water, and you should limit the treats you give him/her. Most veterinarians recommend that treats account for no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories. You can consult DCC Animal hospital, one of the best hospitals for pets, by visiting them or vet booking online to get thorough information regarding your pet’s diet.

  • Grooming

This includes trimming your pet’s nails, brushing him/her twice a week, and bathing him/her regularly. Grooming is also an amazing way to monitor changes in your pet’s fur or skin, such as dandruff, bald patches, or dry skin. It’s also an excellent time to check for any lumps or bumps that may cause concern. Talk to your veterinarian to determine your pet’s best grooming regimen.

  • Veterinarian Visits

Regular veterinarian visits are the basis of responsible pet ownership. Since our furry friend’s life spans are shorter than humans, they should be examined at least once or twice a year. Depending on your pet’s vaccination schedule, they may need to go more frequently when they’re young, but establishing and maintaining good pet health requires regular vet visits as they age.

Visiting the veterinarian can be challenging. Cats, in particular, may be reluctant to leave the comfort of their home, but there are ways to reduce anxiety for both of you. Car rides with dogs are trendy, and take your dog on joy rides before the vet visit to make him/her comfortable. Many pets don’t mind going to veterinarians, especially if you choose a vet who is a good fit for your pet. For acquainting your furry friends with the best vets in Delhi-NCR, visit the DCC Animal Hospital. You can explore their website to schedule vets for pet book appointments.

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