Breakfast Basics: The Only 6 Kitchen Tools You Need to Make the Best Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you love an omelet, smashed avocado on toast, scrambled tofu on rye, or good old-fashioned buttered toast, there are plenty of kitchen tools that can help you get the very best results from your recipes. 

Of course, the cost of living is going up, and we can’t all splash out on a kitchen full of specialized breakfast gear. Instead, we’ve rounded up the only six kitchen tools you need to make the best breakfasts: 

1. A Great Frying Pan

Fried eggs, chickpea pancakes, tofu scramble, bacon, sausages, fried bread – what can’t you whip up in a frying pan? The tastiest breakfasts are all made in one of these beauties, so if you’re looking at investing in just one piece of exceptional breakfast-dedicated gear, the frying pan is the one. Go for one of the best induction cookware sets, with solid handles and non-stick surfaces that are built to last. 

2. A Spatula

Whether you’re lifting a fried egg, flipping a pancake, scrambling tofu, or folding an omelet, most breakfasts require a spatula. It’s best to have both a wooden and a metal variety, so you always have the ideal spatula for the cookware you’re using. Just make sure you never use the metal one on your non-stick pans! 

3. A Tofu Press

Nearly a quarter of Americans have reduced how much meat they eat. Reducing your consumption of animal products doesn’t have to mean sacrificing breakfast. Indeed, one of the best replacements for meat and eggs is tofu, especially if that tofu has been drained in a professional press. It’s much firmer and meatier after it has been pressed, making an easy job of creating tofu bacon, tofu scramble, griddled tofu, and more! 

4. A Powerful Blender

A blender can help you whip up your favorite protein smoothie, a quick sauce for your breakfast beans, an omelet mix, and more. Focus on a well-built blender with a powerful motor rather than one with lots of extra accessories. It’s the strong blades and power you’ll get the most out of during your breakfast-making sessions, not the fiddly accessories. 

5. A Coffee Maker

Around 60% of Americans consume coffee every day, with most consuming a cup at breakfast. Coffee pairs perfectly with a hot breakfast, and some of us prefer to have only coffee first thing, making it quite the important addition to any breakfast spread. 

This makes a proper coffee maker an essential breakfast tool. Whether you choose a drip, thermal, espresso, siphon, cold brew, aero press, french press, percolator, or some other contraption, you’re going to get a better brew than if you use instant, so it’s absolutely worth the investment. 

6. A Toaster

You can make French toast in a pan, and you can grill toast in an oven, but toasters are made to create perfect toast. Choose one with extra fat slots so you can squeeze your sourdough round in there. It’s also worth going for one that gives you as much control as possible over toaster timings. This will deliver results that are perfect for your taste.

You can cook all kinds of yummy food in toasters, including; frozen potato waffles, frozen normal waffles, bagels, and more. It’s the essential breakfast tool for crunchy, hot, steaming deliciousness. 

“There is nothing better than a proper breakfast.” – Sophie Dahl

Invest in the tools we have suggested above, and you’ll have everything you need to cook up a storm for your family each and every morning. 

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