All You Need to Know About High Seats for Kids

Do you have a toddler at home? If yes, it’s unlikely that a booster seat will turn your youngster into a more civilised eater. In the meantime, the kid may eat in peace.

High seat designs have evolved beyond ponies and giraffes and now feature sleek style and sophisticated textiles in solid bold or neutral hues to better complement your home’s décor. And depending on who is feeding the infant, some versions incorporate a simple foot pedal to increase or reduce the seat height.

Safety Instructions

Here, restraints and locks should be used at all times. Also, the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises parents to attach the harness as soon as they place their children in the chair and keep it fastened until they remove them. Besides, make sure that any wheel locks are correctly secured. And when setting up a folding chair, make sure the lock is open.

Meanwhile, if you must leave your child in the high chair, do it with an adult present. Allow adequate space between the high chair and any surface that a kid may use to push off and topple the chair or scoot it across the floor, such as tables, countertops, or walls.

A Few Care Instructions

After each usage, wipe it down, as you’re likely to uncover crumbs and sticky residue from the tray to the footrest. Meanwhile, it is recommended to wipe off the high chair or booster every time after use, and use a gentle soap or dish detergent to remove stubborn stains if necessary, as it sanitises the tray. Also, remove the tray or tray liner from your high chair and wash it in the dishwasher every day to keep it germ-free.

Consider a Foldable Model If Space Is an Issue

High chairs take up a lot of space in a house, especially a smaller one. Meanwhile, folding chairs have grown more user-friendly in recent years. And when not in use, some models may be collapsed with the push of a button and stored flat.

It Is Possible to Use a Booster Seat in Place of a Full-Size High Chair

When you’re on the road with your kid, a seat that attaches to a chair is a terrific alternative, but you can also use it as a high chair at home. Meanwhile, the majority of them feature detachable trays and three or five-point harnesses suitable for infants.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Peas and spaghetti will swiftly replace soupy rice cereal, and your baby will quickly progress from this stage to the next (or head). So it is advised that parents choose a high chair or booster that can grow with their children. Meanwhile, certain convertible chairs may be used as high chairs for newborns and table chairs for older children.

Choose Between a High- or Low-Back Booster With No Back

Due to its shoulder-belt routing guides, high-backs often place the belt better than backless. And if you don’t have a headrest in the backseat of your automobile, they are a fantastic option. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive backless booster, search for one with a clip to keep the shoulder belt in place. In addition, the lap belts on these boosters are well placed.

Make Sure It’s the Right Size

After purchasing a seat, take it for a spin, as pre-purchase testing of floor models is possible at some places. Meanwhile, an essential function of a booster seat is to raise your youngster to be adequately protected in the case of a car accident. The lap belt should not straddle the abdomen but rather the upper thigh. In this way, the impact of a collision is distributed across the pelvic bones rather than the stomach soft tissues, which are more susceptible to internal harm.

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