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All About Teak Furniture for Outdoor Settings

When planning on using the extra space of your garden and turning it into something cosy, you might be confused about what furniture pieces to add to it. This is the ultimate resource for anyone deciding about investing in teak outdoor furniture. Relax and continue reading the many reasons people adore it, the various available styles, and the relative ease with which it can be treated and maintained. 

Teak Garden Furniture 

Teak trees are endemic to South and Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Burma. The incredible height of 200 feet is just one of the teak trees’ remarkable features. That’s a lot of lumber from just one teak tree! Teak wood was widely used by indigenous peoples of Southeast and South Asia for making furniture, weapons, and other items. As time went on and the wood began to be used for furniture spread worldwide, it was primarily used for ship construction due to its durability and resilience. 

Teak wood is used to make a wide variety of products in the modern world, from boats to indoor and outdoor furniture to picture frames and carvings. The content’s widespread appeal probably has you wondering something. Why does teak seem to be everyone’s favourite wood when there are so many others to choose from? So, what makes it so unique? Read on to find out.

Precisely What Is It About Teak Furniture That Makes It So Popular? 

The value of teak wood dates back centuries. This is why it is used so extensively.

It Lasts a Long Time 

Most consumers want their furniture purchases to last for decades without showing any wear and tear. Since outdoor elements are constantly exposed to different weather conditions, it presents its own unique set of challenges. Because teak is one of the hardest woods available, it will last long without warping, cracking, or rotting. It has been used for decking and finishings in high-end yacht construction for over two thousand years. 

Teak’s remarkable durability in the face of the elements is partly due to the wood’s tight grain, increased oil content, and muscular tensile strength. It can endure any weather, making it ideal for wherever you live! 

Treating It Is Unnecessary, So There’s No Point in Doing So 

For most patio furniture, you must perform a significant amount of maintenance to ensure that the wood stays looking very good for many years. Conversely, the honey colour found in teak is not an artificial addition. This transforms into a stunning silvery grey patina as it ages and weathers in the sun. 

If you tend to favour the honey blonde tone, you could use wooden sealers, which ought to last for years and defend your tables and chairs from the sun. Many owners, however, appreciate the silvery grey patina and decide against further treatment. 

It Makes Your Home Cosier and More Luxurious

If you’ve done your homework, you know teak outdoor furniture is more expensive than its alternatives. Still, many people who care about outdoor furniture consider it among the best. If so, why? Put another way, teak wood is stunning. Some varieties come in a glossy finish, perfect for giving your porch or patio an upscale look. 

Teak Wood Can Be Easily Cleaned 

The low maintenance required to keep teak furniture looking great is a central selling point for this wood. Dust, dirt, or even other stains on the wood can be easily removed with a solution of mild soap and water. After that, wash it with fresh water. The teak cleaner can also gently remove stubborn stains, like grease, from the wood, giving it a new look.

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