A Mini Kabob Platter in Glendale for All Your Gastronomic Freaks and Meat Lovers

All Glendale residents can relate to a cafeteria, restaurant and food joint in a big way, as it is their new found love, especially for those craving for some sumptuous, lip-smacking and finger-licking stuff. Yes, you got it right! I ‘m talking about a city-based cafeteria, by the name of “Art’s Bakery & Cafe”, which prepares delicious kabob platters, all from lamb, pork, beef, chicken and fish (Sturgeon and Salmon) that beautifully melts in your mouth. 

The preparation is a time-taking one. First the meat is minced in a mixer-grinder, marinated with herbs, oil & spices, pasted on the iron grills and roasted over slow charcoal fire in a barbeque (BBQ) oven. The end-result is soft, tender, juicy and smoky chicken Lulah kabob, beef Lulah kabob, beef shish kabob, chicken boneless thigh kabob, beef Lulah kabob wrap, and so on. If you’ve guests and friends coming to your home over the weekend, or you simply want to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your better half, order a full or mini kabob platter that can thrill all foodies. It has got taste, smokiness, charcoal flavor and the right mix of spices, ingredients and herbs, along with the topping of veggies and creams that make one such meat platter, truly delicious.

A Local Glendale Cafeteria that Prepares Delicious and Filling Platters

Nowhere else in Glendale can you taste such a variety of meat dishes, in the form of entrees, appetizers, main courses, desserts, soups and salads, than at “Art’s Bakery & Cafe”. This is the happening food joint among all foodies that want to taste some authentic South Asian, Middle Eastern and American cuisine, all dipped in sauces and creams. Well, apart from a mini kabob Glendale platter, you get to taste dishes like Jalapeno & Cheese infused beef Lulah kabob, Berkshire pork back chunks, chicken Lulah kabob wraps, New Zealand lamb chops and family kabob platters for different serving sizes. This is what makes your weekend so special. So, why not order your favorite meat dish or kabob platter online, and get to enjoy the burst of flavors that creates a ‘food orgasm’, and best satisfies your appetite. In fact one such mini kabob platter is definitely the best thing to have, when a friend or two is visiting you after a long time.

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