A Brief History of Car Safety

If you’re curious about the history of car safety, you’re probably not alone. Most people aren’t aware that the first crash involving a car occurred more than 80 years ago, and that a single car crash killed dozens of people. But before seat belts and thingnews airbags were commonplace, there was no clear definition of what made cars dangerous. Here’s a brief history of car safety. This article explains the lactosas early days of car safety and why it took so long for car crash safety to gain traction.

The first automobile fatality was recorded in Ireland on August 31, 1869. It was a woman who died in an newsplanets, and the event triggered an awareness of the importance of car safety. Then in the early twentieth century, a new type of car was designed that had a windshield, because people became frustrated with flying objects. This model was eventually adopted by the automobile industry as a standard and became the first to have airbags.

Thankfully, automobiles are much safer today. In the 1950s, seat belts became a standard feature. A pklikes major safety breakthrough came when Mercedes-Benz began to install airbags in their cars. In 1984, a federal law mandated that new cars have dual front air bags. This law made cars safer and prompted an uptick in seat belt use among motorists. However, in the 1960s, few motorists buckled up in their cars. To encourage the use of seat belts, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began to use advertising to promote seat belt use. pklikes com login It sponsored radio and television commercials featuring actors who pushed the importance of safety.

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