8 Important Equipments That a Butchery Must Have in Kenya

In Kenya, butcheries are a business model which has made a difference in society. Kenyans like meat, which makes the butchery business better to market. Your butcher shop should always be well equipped to handle all types of meat cuts, whether beef or pork. They should also have the proper tools for the job.

1. Meat grinder

The first piece of equipment you will need in your butchery is a meat grinder. This tool will enable you to cut meat into smaller sizes. However, you don’t need a high-end meat grinder to slice meat. If you want to grind beef, pork, chicken, or turkey, a cheaper alternative would be to buy a hand mill.

2. Food dehydrator

You might be thinking that most butchery equipments prices in Kenya are high. But a food dehydrator is an affordable butchery device that is great for drying out meats. The best ones have variable temperatures, meaning you can control the temperature quickly. Some models also provide light to speed up the drying process.

3. Microwave oven

An oven should always be a piece of standard equipment for a butcher shop. Not only does it heat things faster than other options. But it has adjustable settings which allow you to cook foods evenly. It also provides a safe way to reheat food without worrying about scalding yourself, unlike an open flame.

4. Knife sharpener

This tool sharpens knives without damaging them. This is especially useful when you need to sharpen several knives at once. Some knife sharpeners are handheld, while others can be mounted to your workbench.

5. Sausage stuffer &pricker

A sausage stuffer and pricker is an essential device to have in the butcher shop. The tool is necessary if you want to stuff sausage links but not have gaps where fat could leak out. You can use a pricker to prick holes through the casing and push air back inside.

6. Slice machine

Having a butchery does not mean you cut meet only. You may need a tool that cuts veggies for your customers. That’s where a slicing machine comes into play. This tool lets you slice veggies into perfectly uniform pieces, ensuring even cooking time and preventing burnt chunks from being left on your finished product.

7. Bone Saw

Sometimes you will want to cut frozen meet. A good tool for that job is the bone saw. It is an ideal device used to cut through bones into tiny pieces. The crushed bones are used to make sausage casing, make bone broth, and even in some cases, make gelatin.

8. Cutting boards

A cutting board is your best friend at the butchery. It is essential, especially when you plan on cutting large amounts of food. When looking for a cutting board, make sure you get wood ones that are not too porous. These boards absorb liquids and bacteria that may spoil foods and contaminate other surfaces.

When starting in the butcher shop, you should consider investing in various tools and equipment. You don’t want your customers complaining about the lack of quality service. Buying these items will help you serve your clients better and provide a safer environment for everyone involved.

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