3 Reasons You Should Document the Scene After an Accident

It’s surprising how many people don’t take the time to document their injuries after an accident. However, the documentation can be of great help when you’re trying to recover from your injuries. Your documentation can have a significant role when you try to get legal advice from an auto accident attorney.

The documentation of an accident usually involves pictures and videos. You should take pictures before you move your vehicle, if possible. When you’re able to move the vehicle, make sure you record the accident scene. Also, make sure to take pictures of your own injuries.

This process will help you to gather important evidence for a claim.  Evidence can help you prove that the accident was not caused by other parties or someone else’s fault. You will also find it useful when trying to present this evidence before an insurance company or law enforcement personnel.

We will now see into the 3 main reasons for documenting the scene after an accident occurs.

  • To ensure accurate and correct police reports

Police officers usually need a lot of information about the accident for creating accurate reports. However, these reports are subject to errors and misunderstanding, especially if the officer is inexperienced. For example, the officer might miss out on something important that you wished to add to your statement.

Documentation also helps you to keep the cop from altering your statement and other things. Without proof, the police officer might alter or change your statement when writing his reports. 

  • To provide evidence in the court

The evidence you provide in court is what will help you to recover your losses. However, if the insurance company won’t release a sizable amount of money because of some minor issues, you will be out of luck. Therefore, documenting the scene after an accident can help you to provide solid evidence in a court of law. 

  • To protect from the cheap tactics of insurance companies

The insurance companies are known for exploiting the motorists after an accident. They will try to lower your damages or simply deny any payment because of minor issues. The documentation of the scene after an accident can help you keep them away from using cheap tricks. It is therefore essential that you provide solid evidence of how much damage was caused by another party or driver. 

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